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Apparently, in Korea there's this adorable trend where you wear a ring on a finger, and each finger symbolizes something. There's the obvious one, like the ring finger, but the thumb isn't as obvious. And I'm no hand model, so please ignore al the awkwardness I call my hands. But anyways, check it out!
So starting with the thumb, this symbolizes freedom. It shows free-spirit and non-conventional attitude, but also shows something else. Like a claddagh ring, it shows you're 'free' and available.
Next, the index finger. Worn to show friendship, so not the best if it's meant to be romantic.
The middle finger. Personally, I've always thought wear an amazing ring on this finger to be fabulous when letting people know that you're not happy with what just happened. But instead, it shows you have ambition, and a go-getter.
The ever-so important ring finger. In America, it signifies you are married or engaged to be married, but it has no significance in Korea. It doesn't matter what hand you wear the ring on, just don't forget it when you go out with your friends.
The tiny pinky. This one does rely on which hand you wear the ring on. Right hand means you are looking to achieve your goals. And the left hand represents opportunity and change.
All in all, I'm not someone who wear any accessories. It's a crazy day when I wear a necklace. But I'm always seen with earrings. And you can probably tell I haven't updated my rings for years. So for me, this is something that I would love to do, but realistically, probably not gonna happen. Tried it before, but my instrument makes it difficult and uncomfortable. So until my ring finger has a new decoration, not gonna happen.

Anyone wanna try? I might do it with you, might.

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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no problem
Then, which finger indicates you are married or engaged?
I'll give it a shot since I have a few rings to work with.