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안녕 여러분~
So I thought I'd put my two cents in the challenge. It's actually a shortened version of a fic I wrote (bc I didn't read the rules properly whoops). So I'll post the longer one later~
I hope you like this one. There's no pairing, but just some good ole fashion Baeksoo friendship.
Category: Angst
Word Count: 1456
"Baek, STOP!" Kyungsoo screamed as Byun Baekhyun stabbed the victim a last time, fresh blood staining his collared shirt and shined shoes. Kyungsoo took 3 steps back in horror of what he witnessed. "Hyung..."was all his trembling lips could mutter. Baekhyun stood frozen in place, repulsed by his own actions. He slowly twisted his head towards Kyungsoo standing behind him and gave a pleading look.
"Kyungsoo...wh-what have I done?" Baekhyun began. Kyungsoo didn't stay to answer; he dashed away and stopped in a dimly lit ally so he could make sure no blood was in sight. He straightened his hair and ran to his apartment, slamming the door.
Kyungsoo didn't hear again from Baekhyun that night. He needed to get away from the murderer.
2 days later, 5 missed calls. 1 week later, 20 missed calls.
All from Baekhyun. The younger couldn't bear to listen to his friend's voice after hearing his screams while killing someone. He didn't think he'd be able to remove that sound from his brain.
Kyungsoo returned to work. It was a peaceful, unplanned vacation. Yet he knew his boss would’ve thrown a fit. He needed to go back to work.
Baekhyun's eyes grew wider than Kyungsoo believed possible when he caught sight of the petite male; they perhaps grew wider than Kyungsoo's eyes on...that night. He rushed over to his friend and looked him up and down: "Kyungsoo! Where...where have you been?!" He dragged him to an empty hallway and gave him an embracing hug. Baek didn't even look like he had committed a felony a week ago. He stared at him like Kyungsoo was the one who did wrong by leaving and not contacting him back.
"Hyung..." The word felt so strange on his lips, now, as he remembered the last time he stuttered it. "hyung, how are you?" He felt so odd asking. Baekhyun sighed and pinched his nose: "I'm fine, Kyungsoo. How have you been holding up?" That's when Kyungsoo lost it.
"Been holding up?! Hyung! Do you even remember what happened last week?! You're acting like it was no big deal!" He whisper-screamed.
"It IS not big deal, Soo… The body was disposed. No tracks were left. Everything is FINE." He retaliated after assuring nobody was within ear-shot.
"No. It is a big deal. What if someone finds out?"
"Nobody will. Nobody will know who murdered him.”
"Yeah and who exactly is him?" Kyungsoo asked, leaning straight back again.
"Mr. Kim." Baekhyun said while putting his hand on Kyungsoo's shoulder to lead them back to the office space.
"MR.KIM?! YOU MURDERED Kim Minseok?!" Kyungsoo almost fainted. No wonder he didn't get any missed calls from work. His boss wasn't able to call anymore seeing that he didn't have a heartbeat to use a phone.
"Oh my GOd. Shut the fuck up, Soo!" He punched Kyungsoo's shoulder. People were looking, so Baekhyun covered by laughing, "haha soo~Shut up! You are too funny!" and then walked to his cubicle, Kyungsoo following with a pale face.
"Mr. Do, good morning." A secretary said while he passed her. "Are you not feeling well? Is that why you've been absent? I hope you feel well, soon." She winked, not giving him time to inform her "actually, no. I witnessed my friend kill my boss so I skipped a week of work." He wanted to say it, to just get it out, but she was already flirting with another employee before his lips could reply. He continued walking to Baekhyun's area.
"Baekhyun." He tried to say the disgraceful name calmly. Baekhyun swiveled around in the chair: "yupp?"
"I honestly expected you to be...broken over this. Why am I feeling guiltier than you?" Kyungsoo whispered, not feeling comfortable with the topic. Baekhyun sighed and sat Kyungsoo down next to him.
" life has gotten a lot easier without the sleaze ball. Why should I feel guilty about it if I made my life easier?" He admitted. Kyungsoo's mouth dropped, unable to comprehend. "So you're saying it's justified?" He spat and left to his own work space.
“Nobody will know, Soo…Nobody will know it was me.” Was all Baekhyun said before continuing his work.
Kyungsoo stood from the seat, but was stopped short when a man’s hand grabbed his shoulder, swinging his around. “Stop right there, Do Kyungsoo. We know you are the murderer. Take him in."
Kyungsoo was baffled. Were they insinuating KYUNGSOO killed those 9 people?! He wriggled, squirmed, and recoiled to try and get out of their grips, but the officers were strong and were able to get him on the elevator and down to the police car.
In the precinct, he remained silent, knowing that it would only go against him if he said anything.
He was taken to an interrogation room where Chanyeol was sitting.
"Do Kyungsoo, nice to make you acquaintance. I know you are a good employee and will cooperate, right?" Chanyeol began. No response. "Alright. I want to know your purpose. You were on the right path. You had a good future. Why'd you blow it off? Or did you murder him to get you where you are? Interesting..."
"You can't say interesting. I haven't said anything."
"Then explain."
"I didn't murder anyone. You have it mistaken. My friend..Byun Baekhyun has been killing people. I can give you the story."
"And why would we believe that when we have credible evidence against you?" Chanyeol gauffed.
"Excuse me?
"The bloody pants found in your apartment. The knife matches the knife set in your apartment – which is conveniently missing a knife the size of the victim’s wound. You were also absent from work a week after the incident." Chanyeol stated.
"You have it wrong!” Kyungsoo pleaded, tears coming to his eyes. "The blood on my pants splattered when I saw Baekhyun near the office and ran up to him….and then Baekhyun killed him.”
"I don't see much of a motive behind Baekhyun."
"He told me it makes his life easier. He said he wanted to get rid of the people who made his life hard. Minseok gave too much work." Kyungsoo blurted. Chanyeol was taken back, confused. He hadn’t considered the situation before.
"We already interviewed Baekhyun. He told us you committed the murders."
"HE TOLD YOU I KILLED THEM?!" Kyungsoo sat back in his chair, unable to wrap his mind around the fact that his friend led the cops to him.
"No. Baekhyun killed them."
"We'll have to do more research. We'll have to let you go, but just know we're keeping our eyes on you. Be careful." Chanyeol warned.
Kyungsoo walked to his apartment, deep in thought. He almost didn't see Baekhyun walking towards him, a huge grin on his face.
"Kyungie~Kyungie~What happened?"
"What happened? Listen here, you fucking bastard. found out you told Chanyeol that I murdered him! No. I told them off, Baekhyun. I'm not letting you get away with this." Soo spat in Baek's face before storming off to the apartment complex. He didn't get into the doorway before he felt blood spilling down his back and a sharp sting at the origin of it. He turned his head to see a saddened Baekhyun.
"Hyung." He stuttered, starting to black out.
"I'm sorry it had to turn up like this. You're my best friend and I love you. But I can't let you do this. You hate me. Soo can't hate Baek. You can't. Let's end on happy terms. I love you, my little brother." Baekhyun said softly while pushing the knife in further. Kyungsoo squealed some and Baekhyun shushed the yelps by gently kissing his best friend's lips.
Kyungsoo started to tear up. He did love his best friend, as an older brother. Baekhyun had become corrupted in the brain, but they still had a connection that only old friends could have. He kissed his friend back before falling into his arms, no heart beat to keep him up. Baekhyun started to bawl, aware of his actions.
He hugged his best friend before dragging him up to the apartment.
"Everyone's going to miss you. You're a great employee. I wish I had gotten you to teach me to make that lasagna that is soooo good. Fuck. I should've gotten you to do that. Maybe you have the recipe lying around."
"Kyungie~I don't know if I got around to tell you. But I have a new update about Chanyeol. I've decided I want to spend the rest of my life together with him. He's absolutely perfect.”
He took a deep sigh, brushing the sweaty hair off of Kyungsoo’s forehead.
“I've called an ambulance and told them of your suicide … I didn't want to go to jail. I'm sorry, Soo.
I love you, friend.”
lol sure. So er hope you thought it was interesting. Just comment what came to mind!
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