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I wasn't going to write a fluff piece for the EXO contest, but last minute (well, I have about 10 left), I decided to submit it anyway. I hope you like it. As always, this is the first fan fiction fluff piece I've written. Word count 1164
“Mom, would you tell us a story.”
“Don't you want me to read you a story. I can read a chapter or two from Harry Potter if you'd like.”
“No mom. I like your stories much better. Please tell us one about you and dad.”
“Mommy, tell us the one about daddy's first American Thanksgiving. I like that one.”
“Okay. Get comfortable in your beds. Ready?” I say as I look around seeing three heads nodding at me.
I started to tell the story that just fascinates my kids. “Your dad and I were both alone over the weekend of the American Thanksgiving, so it was November. The rest of EXO was in Japan for a concert, but your dad was injured and forced to stay behind. My roommate went home for the weekend, so both my apartment and the EXO dorm were empty. I had mentioned how I missed Thanksgiving with my family, so your dad suggested we celebrate here. That sounded like a great idea. I should have known better though.”
“We went shopping to get all the supplies for a traditional Northern American Thanksgiving (which is different from a Southern) to find that no store had a turkey in stock. Well, we decided that a duck would do just fine. Unfortunately it was frozen. You dad put it in the sink with some warm water to try and defrost it. He said that he would make me cranberry sauce, though I was fine with the stuff from the can. Your dad insisted though.”
“While he worked at the dorm, I went back to my apartment to make the pies. Since I'm allergic to pumpkin, I was making both an apple and a cherry pie instead. You know how much your dad loves cherry pie. I had both pies in the oven baking, so I decided to change clothes and look a little nicer for dad. I was just about finished, and the pies were about half done when the phone rang. It was your dad, and he sounded funny.”
“You mean he sounded panicked and scared, don't you mom?”
“Who is telling this story? You or me?”
“Go on mom. It's getting to the good part.”
“Where was I? Oh yes. Your dad just called. I answered the phone and could hear lots of noise in the background. It sounded like the smoke detector beeping. That couldn't be good. You dad asked me what he should since the stove was on fire. He had the fire extinguisher in his hands but didn't know how to use it. I told him to pull the pin, squeeze the hand, and put out the fire. I told him I'd be right over but to get out of the dorm if the fire was too big.”
“So I turned off the oven with the pies still in it and ran the couple of blocks to the EXO dorm. I threw open the door, and there stood your dad. He was head to toe covered in white powder. The whole dorm was covered in white powder. It smelled terribly of burnt sugar.”
“What happened mom?”
“Your dad was on the phone with grandma; his mom. He was asking her questions about cooking the duck, since he figured it was easier to ask her then to look it up on the computer. He was trying to make the cranberry sauce at the same time, which he had never made before either. Dad had the burner on too high then spilled sugar all over the stove. Instead of cleaning it up, he left the sugar. The sugar caught fire and the whole stove erupted in flames.”
I looked around to see the three kids wide-eyed and trying not to laugh. I continued on with the story. “Your dad hung up on grandma, grabbed the fire extinguisher, but then he realized he didn't know how to use it. That's when he called me.”
“When I got there and saw your dad wearing Suho's apron and head to toe in white power. All I could do was stare and laugh. He looked adorable. Your dad and I spend the next two hours cleaning everything up. The cranberry sauce was a burnt mess. The mashed potatoes and green beans had been on the stove too, so those were ruined by the fire extinguisher powder and had to be thrown out. At least the duck was okay. I checked the oven to see about the duck, but it wasn't in the oven. Your dad forgot to put it in. The duck was sitting in the pan in the sink. I guess we were going to eat later than planned I told your dad as I sighed.”
“We had just finished vacuuming all the powder in the living room up when I remembered the pies. And no kids, I still have no idea how your father got the powder in every single room in the dorm. That will always remain one of life's mysteries.”
“Anyways, I had left the pies in the oven in my apartment. Your dad and I ran back to my place to find partially baked pies. My nice pretty crusts looked terrible and soggy. I didn't think we could salvage them, but I tried turning the oven back on anyway. It didn't really work, so we ended up throwing the pies out too.”
“I found a can of corn in the cupboard to take back to the dorm. As we walked back, it started snowing. It was so pretty and the first snow of the season. The temperature had dropped, and we weren't really dressed for that kind of weather. By the time we arrived back at the EXO dorm, we were freezing.”
“Your dad and I finally had our very, very greasy duck at about 10 pm. All we had with it was that can of corn. We laughed and laughed though.”
I looked around to see that all three kids were fast asleep. They always fall asleep around the same part of the story, so I never needed to finish it. I got up, gave them each a kissed, and turned off the light. Just as I shut the door, I heard my husband behind me. “I heard you telling the kids about our Thanksgiving again. Did you get to the end of the story this time?”
“No. I guess that will have to wait until they are older still.”
“Would you like me to remind you how that Thanksgiving ended?”
“Ummm....which part, before or after the rest of EXO barged in on us?” I laughed remembering the looks on the guys's faces seeing us naked in the living room.
“How about both? And I still never found out who called Suho telling him the dorm was on fire.” Chanyeol said as he bent down and kissed me. “Yes, that was the best Thanksgiving ever Y/N. I knew that day, you were mine forever. I love you.”
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