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According to various reports from local news agencies, public opinion is divided, either showing disappointment or indifference. Such netizen comments include “Why did she upload this kind of picture?” “She looks cool,” “She’s allowed to try this,” “She’s not a minor so there isn’t anything to say”, “It doesn’t look good,” “Since she is an idol to the youth, it is worrisome,” and “She’s an adult.” What do you guys think? T.T It is known that a lot of k-pop celebs smoke and stuff but I don't want to believe!!! T.T
Dude, it's Hookah. All it is is flavored water vapor. So what if she does it? She's a person too. Let her do her and you just do you is all I gotta say.
It's just hookah. If it were cigarettes (something addictive and bad for your health), or weed (something illegal) I would be worried. smoking hookah is just like going out for a drink without being intoxicated after
smoking hooka is like smoking cigarettes, nothing wrong with that. actually hooka tastes and smells better and is better to health than cigarettes.
She can do whatever she wants!! But she has to be careful what she puts on her internet it can be very bad or good for her! Karma is a Bitch !!
gosh ... sheesha is so normal here ... no-one would even bat an eyelash ... CL you come to Dubai anytime ... :)
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