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Song Ji-Eun doesn't get enough love.

Her songs always have a message that will punch you right in the heart, and her voice is stunning.

Below are some of her most emotional songs to date!

Barbie Doll was just released this week and talks about being emotionless in love.

Going Crazy

This is a song about obsessed love and stalkers. Ji-Eun plays the role of the one being stalked, and Youngguk is the obsessed stalker.

It’s not love, This isn’t love
It’s just your obsession
Wherever, Whatever I do
It’s frightening, The you who watches me
Youngguk: A hundred times, Tens of thousands of times
I’ve called you
But why, why is there no answer?
Did you forget?
It’s already been a thousand days since we met
I prepared a gift you’d like
I sit on the street you frequently travel
I’m waiting for you, I know my love
Don’t call it obsession,
you don’t know love
Don’t say I’ve gone crazy
You don’t know my heart
You you you
You can never be separated from me

Don't Look At Me Like That

Many found this to be an anthem about rights for the LGBTQ community.

"Don’t look at me like that
We’re just in love, that’s all
Don’t hate on us, however you’re viewing us
We’re just a little different
Just leave us alone
Can’t we live in a world where time stands still?
Why? Why not?
We did nothing wrong
Why? Why not?
We’re so in love"

False Hope

This is about not being able to get over someone because they keep coming back, even if they're so bad for you.

"Don’t touch me now
Never touch me
Don’t get drunk late at night
And call me, never
I know you’re tipsy whenever you call me"
Her song Don't Look at me Like That was also about multiracial relationships. It was for all those who were looked down upon by the public bc they were "different"
going crazy gave me chills when i saw the lyrics
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same haha i love their voices together and the song is so amazing!
Song Ji Eun is one of my Ultimate Biases, even though I don't really play the bias game XD I love her and her music so much, Don't Look At Me Like That is also about interracial couples, which have been looked down on, especially by the older generation in Korea
I love Going Crazy!! With Bang Yong Guk's rap and her singing, its amazing!
I first heard going crazy as the kdrama secret love ost.... still one of my absolute favorite songs!♡♡♡
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