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Xuimin- Fluff Chanyeol- Fluff Kyungsoo- Fluff Lay- Smut Tao- Smut Baekhyun- Smut (Full story written by @Princessunicorn) Suho- Fluff Kai- Smut Kris- Smut Sehun- Angst/fluff Since it is just Luhan left all we need to know is what kind of story.... Smut, fluff or angst. please don't forget to vote in the comments.
"Are you serious!" "Yes." He stated "You seriously are just going to blow me off on my birthday?" "Yes, I told you I was going to be busy this week and you just ignored it." "I thought you were joking." "Why would I joke?" "I thought you were going to surprise me." "Well obviously I'm not." I was on the verge of tears. I wanted to spend my birthday with my boyfriend and now that wasn't going to happen. He was being a bit too mean to me. "Fine, have fun." I said and hung up. I didn't need him to come and spend time with me. I quickly dialed my friends number. "Hey (y/n)" Suzy said "Hey can you come out tonight?" "Why aren't you doing something with Chen tonight?" "No, and I'd rather not talk about it." "Oh ok, well I'm actually pretty busy today otherwise I'd take you to something fun." "Oh ok. Well ill just talk to you later then." "Ok bye (y/n) and happy birthday." "Thanks, bye." once again I ended the phone call. Today was going to be a day by myself. I decided I was going to go for a walk. I grabbed my iPod and left. I was going to get me some Boba tea. That always made me happier. It took me 10 minutes to walk there. When I walked in I saw Sehun. "What are you doing here?" I asked "oh...(y/n)....I snuck away." "Why?" "Boba tea." He said raising his cup. "Ahh so you guys really are busy." I looked down at my feet. You know what I'll go to him and spend the day with him that way. I ordered my drink and Sehun started to walk out. I wanted to head back with him so I called out his name but he probably didn't hear me. I quickly grabbed my drink and ran after him. I caught up to him and poked him. "I'm going to come back with you. no sense in not seeing you all on my bday." "Oh yeah that be great." He smiled and started texting on his phone. After several minutes of not talking he finally looked at me. "Wanna do something before we go to the studio?" "Sure why not?" With that he took me to a few stores and then we ended up at a restaurant. "Why are we here?" I asked "Oh my Hyungs wanted me to pick up food." And off he went to the counter. There really wasn't anyone in here. I waited for Sehun to come back but I got a different surprise. Chen walked out from behind a wall with a cake with lit candles. He started singing happy birthday to me. I wanted to cry because I was so happy to see him. "I'm sorry I made you upset this morning but I wanted to surprise you." He said holding the cake in front of my face. "Make a wish" He said with a smile. "My wish already came true." I said and blew the candles out. He set it down on the table and I flung my hands around his neck and hugged him. "Happy Birthday sweetie. I love you so much." "I love you too!" We stayed like that. Hugging each other for a few minutes and then finally we sat down to eat.
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I loved it! very cute! and I vote smut for Luhan lol
ahhh so cute. my Chennie Chen Chen
Wwaaaeeee!!!!! Dangit, Jongdae!!!!!! This is awesome!!!!! I can't wait to read Luhan's next!!!!! @BabydollBre
Awwww!! Double smut for Luhan please! lmaoo
Awwwww so sweet
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