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Meet the new official members of the vocal line everybody actually, I'm serious. They can sing very well as rappers and all of them in general just have very soothing voices that I could honestly and literally listen to all day which I have many times Their reactions were perfect I'm starting to notice that I get too lazy to write out their names separately and it ends up turning into a ship name oops? XD Ask to be tagged or untagged and sorry if I missed anybody or spelled anything wrong, just let me know and I'll fix it : @NyKeaKing @ShinoYuki @katyng52 @AlexisCortez @twistedPuppy @lovelikematoi @firstladyofaomg @resavalencia @sarahdarwish @RKA916 @Juliag13 @KeraDelatorre  @JessicaEvaristo @Anna5221 @EmilyCayetano @Animezkpopgirl @loljan17 @KarenGuerra93 @twistedlove @mrsjeon  @AshleiRyals  @MelissaGarza @Nini75 @IsisMayaVelasco @elainarenea @ParkKyungSoon @catchyacrayon @taetaebaozi @TaraJenner @chisom756 @SindyHernandez @tiffany1922 @vipgirl5 @ESwee @SkyBlast @QueenPandaBunny
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why can't they have this during an actual concert? ^-^ i would pay to see them sing and have fun and smile omg