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Lee Min Ho and Taylor Swift might be dating?
According to the site Soompi, "The rumors started circulating after Taylor Swift’s split with actor Tom Hiddleston. An article from Inquisitr discussed Taylor Swift being paired up with Lee Min Ho." (yes she broke up with another guy and might be after the sexy boys over flower actor)
Reports have reported Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae splitting up, because of not seeing them recently out together??
Fans are outraged by the rumors circulating!
Don't fret my dears. On September 19, Lee Min Ho's label MYMEntertainment spoke up in denial, saying, "We think it's an international, groundless rumor. It's completely untrue. Lee Min Ho and Taylor Swift have never even met before."  They assure us that all rumors about Lee min Ho breaking up with Suzy Bae isn't true! He is not in anyway, shape, or form associated with Taylor Swift! There will be no "Swift-Lee" ALL RUMORS 100% FALSE!  
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that rumor so not true lol that just someone otp xD
I know. This was for a laugh. xD