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Hello there!I am an ordinary teenager with an ordinary life but recently I tried to commit suicide which unfortunately wasn't successful . This was not my first time but fourth time and yet I have no success . My reasons to take this step was: 1)Past bullying and harassing 2)no aims and ambitions in my life 3)My life has given me only sorrows 4)Hoping that life will be better after death. 5)My sexuality(me being gay and the society not accepting it) Ten days later after visiting the psychologist,taking medications and a lot more I realised something.I was being selfish-not caring about people who care or love me.I saw other people who had massive problems unlike my tiny problem . People have poverty and so on yet they manage to live.I told myself if I wanna be selfish why can't I be selfish in a good manner?So I have left all my past,negative thoughts and everything aside and chasing only one dream selfishly-SUCCESS!That's right-success. Running away or dying needs guts,I know cause I have tried but it needs even more guts to face life and it's challenges whether good or bad. Only cowards commit suicide and I ain't that coward! Do comment your experience(if had any) relating or similar like mine,if need any help do ping me!Keep vingling and enjoy life till the fullest!
I'm sure you've heard it all but I still want to leave some support even if I don't know you, I hope by leaving a like and a comment it helps you know that you can have people on your side and to help you stay strong. It's not much but it's better then nothing and for each person to encourage you, even a random stranger, it can feel nice. I hope you find something worth living for soon, this world may be full of harsh things, but there is a lot of beauty as well and I hope you see it soon 馃挋 If someone ever gets you down, just think about how you don't have to be around them forever, and that there's a place you can find somewhere sometime full of great people! Waiting sucks I know, but that makes it even more worth it once you finally find it
hey thanks a lot it's great to see that people actually care
This happens mostly in this age. I too suffered for long but right now i am slowing down. Still alone but i am not sad. Everything is temporary my friend. Things will change as the time pass so everything will not be same as before. So there is always a hope of better life and better future.
Glad you're pulling through. As a young man, I too, thought about and on 2 separate occasions, even attempted suicide. It certainly isn't the answer. I came to realize that God had a specific and special calling for me. Life gets better as your skin thickens. Society, rather certain sects of society are cruel and very mean. Stay strong
what you do for living? get busy with your work and spend more times with your family. we want our parents to accept who we are but if don't happen, don't hate them, try to be good to them by not showing so much what they hate most in front of them. if we don't break our parents heart expecially mother, we'll get blessed in life. I think all religions condemned suicide, so that means in afterlife, more suffering you will get.
yes u might be right thanks a lot
wish u success in your renewed life
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