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We all are ready for Hwarang: The Beginning to start. With these four handsome men within the drama I'm sure we're all at the edge of our seats counting down the days. After reading an article on allkpop about how the boys finished up the poster photo shoot they annoy the day the drama will premiere. I'm sure some of you knew but I wanted to make sure I was reading this right. The drama is set to premiere on December 19th! This will be another thing I'll add to my calendar. That day is pretty important as it is my paper bets anniversary along with Junhyung oppa birthday. However I can't wait for this drama and they better mother change the premiere date. Kim Woo Bin's drama Uncontrollably Fond was set to premiere on my birthday back in February and then they changed it June and then finally it premiered in July. sorry just ranted there. any who I can't wait! who else is with me? here is the link
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i cant wait to see how tea tea acts! this will basically be his acting debut!! I CANT WAIT!