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Hello Vingle Fam-

It's @Helixx here to introduce myself as the Lead Monster for the Kpop realm here at Media Monsters!!! I'm super excited to be apart of the Media Monsters family and I cannot wait to bring you fantastic Kpop content.

Before I get started with my introduction, I'd like to give a quick shout out to the Media Monster's team:
Media Monsters Team:
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Writer @Helixx, Kpop Lead Monster

If you're wondering what exactly Media Monsters is, CLICK HERE to learn all about us.

I'll start by telling you a few things you may or may not already know about me and then move on to the more random and obscure.

1. I'm a HUGE Kpop fan. It's taken over my life and I couldn't be happier.
2. I am the Mod for the BTOB Community and I'm a support for VIXX, B.A.P and BIGBANG so you'll probably see me floating around in those communities. If you do, don't be afraid to say hi!
3. I'm pretty much YG TRASH. No Lie. But then again, I'm pretty much trash for all the groups I'm into.

4. BIGBANG is the reason I got into Kpop.

I was a little familiar with Kpop having been exposed to Rain when I was younger and of course Psy, after Gangnam Style went viral. But it wasn't until I first heard this quintuplet known as the Kings that I fell into the Kpop rabbit hole.
These guys were my very first bias group and they opened the flood gates of musical bliss, torture to my feels and my cultural awakening. I will forever be grateful to them for changing my life for the better.

5. These dorks are my bias group, BTOB.

They are the weirdest bunch of goofs I've come across but they are super talented and very gracious and they love their fans.
They stole me away from BIGBANG with their voices and they won my heart with their personalities and I have been a happy and proud Melody ever since.
If you've never heard them before, I highly recommend you give them a listen.

6. My Ultimate Bias is Ravi of VIXX.

Ravi hasn't always been my UB but he worked rather hard to make it to my top spot. His deep voice, rapid-fire rapping abilities and his shy, sweet-natured, goofy personality sealed the deal for me. He's not only a fantastic rapper, but he's also an accomplished writer, composer and producer and is responsible for a number of Vixx's biggest hits.
As I mentioned, he fought hard to make it to the #1 spot in my heart and he has no intention of surrendering the throne.

7. I'm a crazy cat lady and I have come to fully accept this title.

I have 4 cats of my own (or kids as I refer to them) and currently there are 3 foster cats in my apartment (they need homes so if you're looking for a sweet kitty friend, hit me up!).

8. I work A LOT!

I have three jobs and sometimes work insanely long shifts... okay, every week I work insanely long shifts! lol
But I'm ambitious and I have goals and dreams and apparently don't need a social life.
*I laughed WAY too hard at this meme.

9. I'm learning Korean and I'm planning to move to South Korean in the next couple of years.

I'm taking online classes through 연세대학교 (Yonsei University) in Seoul, and I have in classroom lessons lined up at the Korean Culture Center in Los Angeles. I get very excited when I can understand parts of interviews or dramas without subtitles, but I lack confidence in my pronunciation so I generally let opportunities to converse with native speakers pass me by. I need to work on this.
When I move to Korea, I'll be teaching English. I have a little bit of schooling left before I can go, but you better bet I'm excitedly looking forward to this adventure and the next chapter in my life.

10. I REALLY love dipping tortilla chips in tapioca pudding.

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. I eat tortilla chips covered in tapioca pudding. It sounds weird, I know. But it is delicious. You can judge me all you want, just like Heechul here, but don't knock it till you've tried it.
Well folks, that's all the fun facts about me. If there is anything you really want to know, just ask. I'm pretty much an open book.

As for the Kpop realm of Media Monsters, we will be covering- YOU GUESSED IT- all things KPOP!!! YAY! We'll be bringing you exciting content, music reviews, breaking news, games and all sorts of fun!

Please let us know in the comments what type of content you want to see coming from the Media Monsters Kpop team.

And stay tuned for content that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

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samee!!! #foreveracatlady how do work 3 jobs while learning korean??? that's insane! I should try being more like u since I'm the laziest girl ever lol.
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I love kpop
@Helixx hey it's Ellie from the team! I'm learning Korean too and also plan to teach English there, but I have some schooling I have to finish before I can go! I couldn't wait to say that lol okay byeeee!!! 😁
Lol! That's fabulous! Perhaps we'll be there at the same time.
I'd like to be added to the Media Monsters tag list please! I'm already in the Vixx tag list, but I assumed that they are two different things. So, just to be safe. Lol
Yes they are. Our personal tag lists are only being used in the beginning while Vinglers get acquainted with us. We'll use the Media Monsters tag list more exclusively in the future. I'll make sure to add you.
I'll take that cat xD jk
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I would take one but my mom would kill me and I'm in another state
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