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JuNoShi8 Tuesday: #12 (COLLEGE PARTY SSG)
Yes, thanks for tuning in!! I am happy to announce the completion of yet again ANOTHER FRIGGIN SCREEN SHOT GAME!
So prepare yourself for some fun!
Let's begin~
I'm imagining this lmao save them
hehe >:)
HEHEHE >:)))) Ouch though.
Hopefully you enjoyed the party! I'm happy you showed up!
Lucky Carats~
Seventeen Taglist~
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All this has taught me is that my phone ships China-line. Chan hosts, Jun brings the goods, Minghao chokes on twizzlers, China-line gets drunk and wrestles which somehow ends with Jun in his boxers, then Chan breaks out Twister and gets me to play with him, meanwhile China-line "accidentally" kiss, Soonyoung is a biter, Jun is next to me when I wake up (but Minghao is on his other side, I swear. lol)
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I wasn't complaining either. They're not my bias SVT ship (that's Jicheol) but I do indeed ship them, lol. ❤
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