I woke up, breathing heavily. 'Where am I?' 'What is this place?' 'Why am I here?' I had these thoughts roaming around my head, not being able to find any answers. The unknown room that I was in was red and had dim lights, which didn't really appeal to me. I felt something going down my face. Blood. As I looked down, I saw that my hands were cuffed and my whole body was tied up and my mouth was shut from duck tape. A sudden wave of insecurity and fear overwhelmed me. Wriggling to get out of this place was the only thing I was able to do. The cuffs hurt. And the only thing it did was dig into my skin. My ankles and arms were burning from the friction with the ropes. I saw a guy come out from the bathroom and he said, "Hey honey~ How you feeling? You ready for our night?" He ripped the tape off my mouth and and made me reply. "No." "Oh come on, It'll be fine. I promise I won't hurt you." He started to unbutton my pants "GET AWAY!!" The guy forcefully took my pants off and tried to take my panties off. "NO!!"" I shoved my hands into his face. "Why you little disobedient-" He slapped me across the face. My face was buzzing and stinging with pain. He continued and tried to take my panties off. I kicked him and somehow I became free from the chair. But my ankles were still tied. Even though he was down, he managed to grab my feet and crawl un top of me. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt. "Honey, relax. I won't f**king hurt you!!!" I screamed. But he blocked my lips with a filthy and dirty kiss. It felt like the whole world stopped. This son of a bitch was on top of me and I was screaming out of fear and hatred. I closed my eyes and a tear rolled down. 'My life is over.' As I tried to get him off of me, The door opened. A guy with a grey hoodie and black ripped jeans was standing there. I wasn't able to see his face because of the dim lights and hood, but I was hoping he was going to save me. He came in and kicked the man off of me and started to punch him like crazy. The man was knocked out, but I was the problem. Handcuffs? I was sobbing saying, "Please.. Save me.. Please.." He looked for the keys and unlocked the handcuffs and untied me. My hands shook from the sudden death I thought I was going to go through. "Th.. thank y.. you." "No problem." "Did you c..call th..e-" "Police?" I nodded. "I already did. Don't worry. His voice was sweet and caring. It was familiar and warm. something about his warmth made me feel better. I felt my vision get blurry and I collapsed. He ran over to me and hugged me. "HEY?? ARE YOU OKAY??" "Y...yea.." His scent. I furrowed my brows. I knew this scent. It was familiar. The scent... His scent... Then I blacked out.
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