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Chapter 8

The Date Jungkook tried to keep himself busy while Kurim was talking to Yoongi. He tried but to no avail. He cleaned a table and couldn't help his eyes from wandering to the patio. He took and order and as if on cue his eyes wandered back to Kurim. Yoongi's friends couldn't also keep their eyes off of their friend. Jungkook was walking back to the counter eyes stuck on Kurim when he tripped on a chair. It seemed without him noticing his apron had caught up on a chair dragging him down and causing enough ruckus to make all of Yoongi's friends turn to look at him. He quickly got up and adjusted himself as if nothing had happened. Suddenly, the bell at the top of the door draw his attention. "So, I'll see you tomorrow then" said a confident Yoongi. "Sure" Kurim replied smiling. Yoongi's friends got up from the table and seeing as his friend was smiling they started smiling too. One pat him on the back, other one ruffled his hair, while one more poke him on the ribs teasing him and telling him that he had done good. "Let's go guys" Yoongi said trying to free himself from his friends. "Bye, Kurim" all them said in unison. "Bye, guys, see you soon! You guys be good!" Kurim said waving goodbye. "Bye new guy!" the guy named Jimin said while winking at Jungkook. Jungkook assented his head and couldn't help but blushed. "What was all that about?" "He's just messing with you" said Kurim. "No. Not that," Jungkook said, curiosity evident on his face. "That, Yoongi guy, what did he want?" "That's kinda private" "What? You're embarrassed to tell me what he wanted?" "No!" said Kurim louder than expected. "Then?" "Well, it's none of your business" Kurim said trying to avoid the subject. "Come on Kurim, we're both adults here. No one is gonna get mad" Just who the hell does he thinks he is? thought Kurim. Does he really thinks I'm trying to avoid making him mad? "Fine! If you have to know, he...asked me on a date. We're going to watch a movie tomorrow night" "That was so predictable" Jungkook replied keeping his cool. "What?" Kurim said with disbelief on his eyes. "Well, it was obvious he was gonna make that move. I mean, he had been coming here in a regular basis and the moment he sees some guy hanging around you, he gets jealous" Jungkook said clearing his throat. "That is so patetic." "Wow, you really think that much of yourself don't you?" Kurim replied in disbelief. "And it is not patetic. Do you know how much courage it actually takes to confess to somebody? But of course you wouldn't know anything about that" she turned her back to Jungkook and threw the rag she was cleaning with a little too forceful into the sync. "Kurim?" Jungkook called after her with a defeated tone. "You made her angry again didn't you?" Asked Mrs Lee walking in the shop. Jungkook sighed and scratched his neck, "It seems it's the only thing I know how to do right" "It seems Kurim is more stubborn than I thought. I never saw this side of her before" Mrs Lee said shaking her head and continuing with her chores.
The next day Kurim worked half a day, even though it was the beginning of summer vacations, Kurim liked to keep busy. Mrs Lee had given Kurim and Jungkook the same schedule since usually those were the times she needed help. Today, Jungkook had left an hour earlier citing he had a stomach ache. Seriously, the guy hasn't worked even worked for a week and he already was giving excuses to be left out early. But that wasn't Kurim's problem, if Jungkook had a poor work ethic, in the long run it would only affect him. Today was her date with Yoongi. He had promised to come pick her up when her shift was over. She still had fifteen minutes left until she clocked out but she couldn't help feeling butterflies in her stomach. She was a ball of nerves. It had been a while since she had been out on a date but she had never felt quite this nervous. The bell indicating that the door was being open brought Kurim out of her trance. It was Yoongi. He was wearing a black leather jacket over a t-shirt with some ripped jeans and black combat boots. To say he looked good was an understatement. He looked hot, like one of those young idols going through their bad boy phase. Kurim tried to keep her composure but failed miserably. "Annyonghasejo, you look...I're early," Kurim could feel the burning sensation on her cheeks travel all the way to her ears. She was sure Yoongi could see it too by the way he smiled at her. "Ne, I didn't wanna be late but I ended up being early, I'm sorry" he said staring directly into her eyes. "Don't worry, you're not even that early" Kurim replied shaking her hands. Mrs Lee came in from behind the shop smiling. "Wow! Look at you! You look great!" She said giving two thumbs up to Yoongi. "Well, your shift is almost over, Kurim, I think I can survive without you for ten minutes. Why don't you go ahead and leave for today?" "Are you sure? I don't want to leave yet if you still need me, Mrs Lee." "Nonsense, you two go ahead and have a good time, okay? I will be fine. Go, go!" Mrs Lee replied practically pushing them out the door. The evening sun was still shining brightly. She could feel the breeze of the perfect weather on her skin. It was a perfect day to be outside. "So, which movie are we watching?" "Well, I'm not sure yet. How about we head there and then decide" "That sounds good, let's go then" Kurim said leading the way to the subway station while being unaware that someone was watching them.
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