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Ch.13 Title: exploring/and going home Sunlee pov. I just woke up and saw that jimin was next to me hugging my waist but he was shirtless. "What Happened yester-" And then I remembered what we did. I started to feel my cheeks get hot.  "Are you awake?" "Yeah" "So how did you sleep?" "Fine. How about you?" "Fine but I really enjoy what we did last night" "Of course you did... Now I need to take a shower...okay." "Can we just take it together?" " Sure but no touching". "I can't promise you anything" . . So we went to the beach and we found a lot of coconut  and star fruit. We had a fun time at the beach. Surprisingly there was nobody here. Me and jimin went back to the hotel and took a shower. We then took a long nap and woke up. We planed to go to the night markets. But we ended up falling asleep. So we were gonna go tomorrow. Jimin pov. I woke up and saw something beautiful. The most beautiful thing i've ever saw, and it was Oh Sunlee. I pecked her cheek and left to the bathroom. I came back and she was gone. I started to worry but I felt arms around my waist. I turned around and kissed her. I was surely she was shocked but didn't care. She moved closer to me while I wrapped my arms around her. We soon fell asleep. . . I woke up and checked the time. Wow! "Did we really slept that long." When I woke up it was already the next day. I looked to my right and didn't find sunlee anywhere. "Ah your awake?" "Yeah. Where did you go?" "Just to the bathroom. You're finally awake. You slept the whole day yesterday." "I did? WOW! No wonder why I feel so hungry!" "Aigoo.. Let go eat then." "Okay" Sunlee pov. I can't believe jimin slept the whole day. Jimin got dressed and we headed down to the buffet that was in the hotel. Since we were now just married the waiter put us in a v.i.p room so no one can disturbed us while eating. Soon we both just grabbed a whole bunch of stuff so we can just eat together. I came back to the table with 4 Eggs,4 Bacon,5 pancakes,and 5 waffles while jimin grabbed some fried noodles, 6 eggroll, and some Phat Thai. . . We finally finished eating and we are now going on a tour of thailand. Are friend that lives in Thailand was actually showing us around. We mostly went to the street markets and went to the park to take pictures and stuff but we did go to the mall. Jimin bought a new pair of shoes, and some clothes. Jimin also picked out machine shoes for me and him. While I bought dresses,make up,clothes,and shoes. While walking around in the mall we saw a fan that said we were her ultimate biases we took a picture with her and she left. We then saw a few photographers taking pictures of us but we didn't care but if we were in korea that would been a whole different story. . . After all that shopping we went to the hotel. It was about 7:00pm the sun was going down so we watched the sun until we couldn't see it. While sitting there jimin asked me a question. "Sunlee what if one day I fall sick?" "Then I would take good care of you until your better!" He smiled and kissed my cheek "Where going back home tomorrow?" "I know I already packed" "Oh okay good to know" Jimin pov. //Mannnnnnnn were leaving this place tomorrow!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!// "Jimin let's sleep I'm starting to get tired." "Okay" We got to the bed and sunlee got inside the covers and fell asleep while I stayed awake looking at the stars. I soon felt tired and headed off to bed. . . ~ring ring ~ ~ring ring~ //OMG WHOS CALLING ME AT THIS HOUR// "Hello!" "How have you been park jimin?" "Who are you?" "You don't remember me? It's me kiyong" "What do you want?" "You! Just wait till I get out! I'm coming out next week im going to see you! And I'll watch your every move and I'll make you mine again!" ~Call ended~ //Wtf what does she mean by that? Why would she call me at 4 in the morning? Whatever I'm going back to sleep// Sunlee pov. I woke up and saw the time. It was 4:00 I walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I then woke jimin up to get ready to go to the airport. "Jagi~~~~ do we have to go" "Yes do you want to stay here alone?" "No I want to stay here with you plus after this we have to go back to work" "Well once we get home we can sleep and go on a date. Okay?" "Okay! Let's go!" . . . We arrive at the airport and we were waiting to get on a plane. "Jagiya~ I got us coffee" "Kamsahamnida" "Sunlee-ah can you please call me oppa for once?" "*Chokes on coffee* w-what?" "Please sunlee-ah I'm your oppa after all" "I will" "No I wanna hear it now!" "No" "Sir you guys can now get on the plane" "Okay thank you" . . . I arrived on the plane it's been an hour since jimin fell asleep. I stayed up and read the news. BREAKING NEWS CHOI KIYONG A MEMBER OF BTS EX-GIRLFRIEND HAS BEEN REALISED FROM JAIL! Is this right? This better be fake? This can't be true? Please let it not be true please! "Jagi gwenchana?" _______