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Does anyone know of a manga about a mother who loses her baby. It seems to always be the other way around but my friend lost her son recently and is going through so much right now. I'm hoping to better understand her pain and hopefully recommend a manga to help her relate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
thank you. I have a son as well. when he was first born I was so scared of sids that I'd wake in the middle of the night just to make sure he was breathing and I would think about what would happen if he wasn't breathing and I'd start crying from just the though of it. Now, to see one of my 3 closest going through what is every mothers worst nightmare is so painful. I want to do everything to hold her head above water until she can do it on her own again.
I understand 100%. I'm not sure if a manga that relates to her situation will help, but you know her while I don't. but definitely help her take one day at a time. it's the best advice I can give. I'll be praying for you all and especially her.
I'm sorry I don't have something to recommend. but, as a mom, I can say that just the thought of losing my daughter tears my very soul apart. I can only imagine what your friend is going through and my heart goes out to them. one thing I can say is help them take each day, one at a time. this is something several of my coworkers have done when they've lost their kids. I hope this helps even though it's not what you asked for.