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Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Language
If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/
Jimin POV
It made Jimin happy to see [Y/N] smiling again every day. He didn’t exactly agree with the fact that [Y/N] and Taehyung had gotten back together at first but that was also none of his business. Nana didn’t seem to be bugging him or them, in fact it seemed as if she had disappeared completely. There was little to no drama as the next 5 months passed and fall had fully set in.
It was the first Saturday in October and Yoongi and Jimin were finishing up a song in the music studio. Hoseok, Namjoon and Seokjin were going to be joining later. Jimin was singing in the sound booth while Yoongi worked on recording it. Yoongi waved for Jimin to come out of the booth. “Let’s take a break. You’ve been singing so much it sounds like your voice is getting a little hoarse,” Yoongi said handing Jimin a water. Jimin took the water from him and gulped it down. “So Jimin you got plans next weekend,” Yoongi asked. Jimin shook his head while he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Your family isn’t going to make you do anything?”
“Hyung you know my parents don’t talk to me and my aunt and uncle will be out of town again for a wedding. So no. My family won’t be doing anything.”
“What about Taehyung?”
“He’s going with them last that I knew.” Jimin let out a breath as he sat down next to Yoongi. Yoongi nodded his head. “Why, what are you planning hyung?”
Yoongi shrugged his shoulders and smirked. “Nothing in particular. Just asking”
“Okay okay.”
Hoseok and Seokjin walked in together laughing. “Took you guys long enough. I almost had Jimin do all the vocal parts Seokjin,” Yoongi said sarcastically. Seokjin stuck his tongue out at Yoongi and walked into the sound booth. Hoseok walked up to Jimin and smiled at him, “Can I talk to you for a second Jimin?” Jimin returned the smile and walked outside with Hoseok.
The cool fall air sent a chill up Jimin’s spine making him shiver slightly, but it was also refreshing. “Do you have plans next weekend,” Hoseok asked. While looking at the ground Jimin laughed and brought his gaze up to meet Hoseok’s. “You’re asking too,” he said with a large smile, “Yoongi hyung was asking if I was busy next weekend.”
“Oh he did?”
“Yeah. Was there something you wanted to do too?”
Hoseok started laughing nervously. “No no no. I was just wondering. Come on let’s go back inside. It’s cold out here.” Hoseok pushed Jimin back inside and walked in behind him. They both sat on a couch watching Yoongi and Seokjin work. Hoseok accidently elbowed Jimin making him giggle slightly. Hoseok perked up a little and pinched Jimin’s side watching him squirm away as he tried to hide his laughter. Jimin mouthed the words “stop it” to Hoseok trying not to disturb Yoongi.
Hoseok grabbed Jimin’s sides and started tickling him. Jimin squirmed trying to break free from Hoseok. Hoseok and Jimin’s laughter rang throughout the room as he continued to struggle. “Will you guys shut up,” Yoongi asked sternly looking over at them. “Sorry,” Hoseok said letting out a snicker when taking his hands away from Jimin. Jimin adjusted himself on the couch and covered his mouth to muffle his continued laughter. “Jimin get in there with Seokjin. We are going to run your parts together.
Hoseok come up here and help me,” Yoongi said annoyed. As Jimin walked by he ruffled Yoongi’s hair and ran off before he could do anything. Yoongi yelled and smiled at him shaking his head. “I can’t trust you two together,” Yoongi said to Hoseok smiling. Hoseok laughed to himself as he sat down next to Yoongi. “Alright guys let’s start from the top,” Suga yelled.
Yoongi POV
It was getting really late and Yoongi could tell the guys were getting tired. “Alright let’s call it a night,” Yoongi called as he listened to all of them sigh in relief. Everyone started to gather their things and leave. Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s shoulder, “Jimin would you mind staying back a bit?” “Sure hyung,” Jimin said with a smile. Jimin and Yoongi waved at the guys as they exited leaving them alone. “Jimin,” Yoongi started, his voice deeper than usual, “So this weekend I’ve made reservations at a restaurant.”
Jimin smiled at Yoongi, “Okay... Where is that?”
“Song Jook Heon. I’ll send you a text with the details about time and the address. But make sure you are dressed nicely too, okay?”
Jimin gave a questioning look. “Isn’t that a really expensive place?”
“Even if it was it doesn’t matter. I want to take you there. But we should head home, okay?”
Yoongi and Jimin walked out and saw Hoseok waiting for them. He smiled and waved as they approached. “Jimin I’ll catch up to you in a bit, I need to ask Yoongi something,” Hoseok said pushing Jimin lightly away. Jimin walked ahead and once he was a good distance away Hoseok started talking. “Did you tell him?”
“I told him where to meet up, and to look nice but not much else.”
“Good idea, don’t want to give too much away. Do you think he will be surprised?”
“It seems like it. From what I can tell he seems to have forgotten his birthday is next weekend.” Yoongi started laughing lowly. Hoseok also started laughing.
“Sounds like Jimin. Always caring about others first. But we will make sure his birthday is memorable. I’m gonna go catch up to him and make sure he gets home okay. See you later Yoongi!”
Yoongi stood and watched as the two of them walked away together. Yoongi smiled at their fading outlines and started walking toward his own house.
Jimin POV
Jimin was awoken by the loud sound of everyone else in the house packing. He opened his door and sleepily looked out into the hallway seeing the family run around. Jimin looked back at the alarm clock on his desk and saw it was three in the morning.
Taehyung walked by and smiled at Jimin. “I didn’t think you guys were leaving until Friday,” Jimin said sleepily to Taehyung. “The wedding isn’t until Friday but I’m in the wedding so I need to be there earlier,” Taehyung responded. Jimin nodded and went back into his room closing the door.
The second time he woke up the house was incredibly quiet. It had been a while since he woke up and no one was home. Jimin got ready for school and checked to see if anything had been premade for breakfast and aunty did not disappoint. The fridge was filled with at least a week's worth of food and side dishes for Jimin to have. Jimin smiled as he pulled out something to eat and prepared his lunch. As he sat down at the table to eat his breakfast Jimin felt uneasy. ‘It’s been a year,’ he thought as he stared at his food suddenly not wanting to eat. The quietness of the house ringing in his ears only made him feel more alone. He pulled his phone out and started playing music loudly to help himself from feeling down. Before leaving the house Jimin walked around every room making sure the windows here shut and lights were off. He slipped his shoes on and wrapped his scarf around his neck then closed the door behind him.
Jimin was placing his bike in the bike rack when he noticed [Y/N] walking by. “[Y/N],” he called out with a smile and wave. He watched as [Y/N]’s face lit up as she jogged over to him. “Jimin! I thought you were going to the wedding,” she said confused.
“Nah. I didn’t want to. Is it weird not having Taehyung with you?”
[Y/N] giggled. “I don’t know yet. It’s only been a couple of hours. Granted he has texted me about twenty times since this morning.”
The two of them laughed together and walked inside. They parted ways and Jimin went into his classroom. As soon as class started Jimin found himself struggling to focus. Jimin continuously tapped his eraser on his desk feeling restless. ‘I want to see him… I need to see him…’ Jimin thought as he stared at his blank paper.
The bell rang for lunch startling Jimin slightly. Jimin looked down to grab his lunch from his bag and when looking back up he was met with Nana’s eyes. “Holy,” Jimin exclaimed jumping back slightly. Nana scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Nana, don’t sneak up on me like that. It’s terrifying,” Jimin said again as he started to walk away. “Jimin I need to talk to you,” Nana said rudely.
“Yeah well I don’t really want to talk with you.”
“It’s about [Y/N].”
Jimin let out an annoyed sigh. “What do you plan on screwing everything up again?”
“Just hear me out.”
Jimin looked around the room and noticed it was mostly empty then looked back at Nana. “Okay what do you have to say?”
“I know this is overdue but I wanted to apologize. I also caused you a number of issues with what I did and I was hoping you could help me talk with [Y/N] again...”
“You know Nana,” Jimin took in a long breath to try and keep himself calm. “Being nice really isn’t your thing. Figure it out yourself.”
Sitting with everyone at lunch minus Taehyung was a little odd. You were friends with everyone but it also felt weird because they were Taehyung’s friends first. Both Namjoon and Ellin walked up to the circle together and sat down with everyone else. “Has anyone heard from Jimin,” Jungkook asked while taking a bite of his food. “He’s here, but I don’t know what’s taking him so long,” you responded. “Probably had to take a poop,” Hoseok said laughing at his own terrible joke. You and Jungkook also started laughing because Hoseok’s laugh was contagious.
“What’s so funny,” Jimin asked as he sat down between Jungkook and Hoseok. “What took you so long,” Jungkook asked between his laughs. Jimin shrugged and started eating. The whole group got quiet and looked over at Jimin. “Everything okay,” Namjoon asked. “Yeah, everything is fine. Just tired is all,” Jimin said again as he started to eat his food.
You noticed that all throughout lunch Jimin didn’t say much and seemed distant. Hoseok and Jungkook would always make an effort to get him involved in the conversation but even still it seemed forced. The bell rang for lunch and everyone started to go their separate ways. Typically you would walk with Namjoon and Ellin but you grabbed Jimin and ran off with him. “[Y/N], what are you doing,” Jimin asked. You waved Namjoon and Ellin on as you stood with Jimin. “[Y/N] we are going to be late to class,” he said concerned. “Oh hush, what’s one class? Now, what’s going on with you? You seem weird,” You said as you looked up at him concerned.
“It’s nothing really. I’m just overthinking things is all. Don’t worry about it.”
“Maybe I can help you Jimin. What’s on your mind?”
“[Y/N]...” Jimin let out a small breath as he ruffled his hair.
“Won’t you let me help you?”
Jimin looked away briefly then back at you. “I’m fine, really. Don’t worry about me.”
“Jimin you don’t look fine.”
A smile the size of his face broke through his lips and shined at you. “I promise. Please don’t worry about me [Y/N],” Jimin said with a fake laugh. You looked at him worriedly knowing he was putting up a front. Jimin wrapped his arm around your shoulder and forced you to start walking with him, “Come on, let’s not be too late for class.”
When you got back to class you were scolded by the teacher for being late. You sat down at your desk and pulled your phone out to check it. You had five text messages from Taehyung and one from Nana. You looked at your phone confused when you saw the message from Nana. ‘Why is she suddenly talking to me again,’ you thought as you went to open her message. You remembered the last time you heard from her was when you caught her and Taehyung together. Taehyung still hadn’t fully explain everything to you but you decided it didn’t matter at this point.
To: [Y/N]
Message: Hey. I was hoping we could meet up to talk. No tricks. I promise. Are you free after school?
You rolled your eyes at the thought of meeting Nana. She had completely ruined your trust and destroyed your friendship because of jealousy or some other issues she had. To help get your mind off of her you decided to go through the messages Taehyung had sent.
To: [Y/N]
Message: Hey! We landed! It’s so beautiful in countryside. We should take a trip here sometime. Anyway call me when you get out of school. Love you!
To: [Y/N]
Message: I’m eating the freshest fish I’ve ever had! You would be jealous.
To: [Y/N]
Message: Don’t ignore me :(
To: [Y/N]
Message: Uuuuuuuuugh, why do you have to be in school right now?
To: [Y/N]
Message: Okay I’ll stop bugging you. Study hard! Take notes for me too!
You let out a small laugh at his messages because it made you think he was acting like a little kid. Despite the troubles in the past, you knew you were happy you gave Taehyung another chance. You only hoped that it continued this way.
Jimin POV
When school ended Jimin ran to the music room to meet Yoongi and the others. They weren’t working on any new songs but everyone still met and had a great time. Jimin was the first to arrive and was slightly disappointed that no one else was there. “You got here fast,” Yoongi said as he walked in past Jimin. Jimin smiled at him making Yoongi laugh. Yoongi messed with Jimin’s hair then sat down. “How was class Yoongi,” Jimin asked as he sat across from him on the floor. “It was class,” he growled as he took out a pen and paper, “glad it’s over so I can get back to what I actually enjoy doing.” Jimin nodded and the two sat in silence for a small while. Sitting in the quiet room, the only sound being Yoongi’s pencil against the paper, brought the thoughts he had been shoving down to the surface again. Jimin tapped the floor with his finger hoping somebody else would walk into the room so he could start up another conversation. “Is no one else coming,” Jimin asked. Yoongi shrugged as he continued to write. “Hyung, can I ask you something,” Jimin asked timidly. Yoongi simply hummed not bringing his gaze up to meet Jimin’s. “Why are you making all these plans for this weekend?”
Yoongi stopped writing and stared at the paper a moment. “Because I want to do something nice for you Jimin.” Jimin looked away from Yoongi and to the floor. Jimin suddenly stood up making Yoongi look at him. “Sorry hyung I should go,” Jimin said, his voice shaky. Yoongi jumped up and grabbed Jimin’s hand. Yoongi gently pulled Jimin closer to him and brought his eyes to meet his own. “Jimin,” Yoongi started, “Don’t hide again. I’m here. Please don’t hide from me.” Jimin looked away but Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s face turning it toward his own. “Hyung, I’m fine,” Jimin said as tears started to pool in his eyes.
“No you’re not. Talk to me. What is going on? You promised me you would talk to me.”
Yoongi POV
Yoongi could feel Jimin shaking and knew exactly what Jimin was going to say. Everyone that knew had been avoiding the topic because of how much pain it caused Jimin. Nobody wanted to bring up the memory, especially those directly involved. “Today is a year hyung,” Jimin squeaked. Yoongi pulled Jimin close to him and squeezed him tightly in his arms. “Jimin, try not to think about it. I know it hurts but we are all here for you,” Yoongi said. A small hiccup left Jimin as he wrapped his arms around Yoongi.
“Hyung, how can I ignore it? I don’t want to feel this way. I feel this way everyday.”
Yoongi soothed Jimin’s hair as he whispered into his ear. “Shh, take a deep breath. Jimin I know it’s hard but you have everyone here for you.”
Jimin suddenly pushed Yoongi back startling Yoongi. “You don’t understand hyung!” Jimin yelled while looking at the ground, clenching his fists. “You don’t know what it’s like to have your own parents throw you out. To have everyone turn and hate you. You’ll do it just the same as everyone else did.”
Namjoon, [Y/N] and Ellin all suddenly walked in but Yoongi paid no attention to them. “Jimin,” Yoongi said trying to sound calming. Jimin suddenly pushed past Namjoon and ran out the door. “Whoa shit,” Namjoon exclaimed as he was shoved to the side. Namjoon looked over at Yoongi, “Everything okay in here hyung?” Yoongi threw the notebook he had been writing in to the floor with a small frustrated grunt. “Hyung,” Namjoon asked again. “I’m leaving first. Take my stuff home with you too please,” Yoongi said as he suddenly ran out of the door chasing Jimin.
You watched as Yoongi ran out of the door and down the hallway. He was a lot faster than you were expecting him to be. “Um, should we stay,” you heard Ellin ask Namjoon. “What the hell is going on? That was totally weird right,” Namjoon asked pointing at the door. You nodded and looked back at the door thinking about what just happened. “It seemed like a lover’s quarrel,” Ellin quietly added. “Now that you mention it Ellin,” You started before Namjoon cut you off. “What? You’re saying my brother is gay?”
Your eyes widened at the thought. You knew Jimin was homosexual but you hadn’t suspected he was possibly dating Yoongi. “I know my brother, there’s no way he’s dating Jimin,” Namjoon added again with a nervous laugh. “Well it just looked that way. Why would Jimin be crying and Yoongi so angry then,” Ellin asked.
Namjoon sighed and opened the door to leave the room. “I don’t know but why don’t we find something else to do? I don’t think they will be coming back.”
“Sure,” Ellin said as she adjusted her bag on her shoulder. “Don’t forget to grab your brother’s things.”
Before Namjoon could close the door you slipped out and started running in the direction Yoongi went. "Go on without me guys," You yelled back at them. You didn’t understand what was going on but Jimin was your friend and you felt like he needed you. You searched the halls of the school, the soccer field and even the garden but you weren’t able to find either one of them. It wasn’t until you were about to run out of the main entrance that you saw Hoseok and Yoongi run up to each other out of breath. You hid yourself behind the wall not wanting to be seen by them. “I don’t think he’s on school grounds anymore,” You heard Yoongi say, “Why is that kid so fast?” Hoseok didn’t seem to say anything but you could hear his heavy breaths. “Hoseok...” Yoongi stated again. You peaked around the corner and saw Hoseok stand from his hunched position. Something about him seemed really captivating in that moment. “Go home Yoongi,” Hoseok said, his voice low and calm. “But Hoseok,” Yoongi started as he tried to catch his breath. “Don’t worry Yoongi. Jimin will be okay,” Hoseok said as he started to walk away. You watched as Yoongi started to follow him after catching his breath a few more seconds. You turned back into the school and narrowed your eyes trying to process everything that just happened.
Jimin POV
The pain filled his being at the fist that met his cheek throwing him to the side causing his head to slam into the wall.He slid to the floor unable to make out which way was up or down. Jimin was dazed and all he could hear was someone calling his name but the sound was getting further and further away. “Jimin! Please! Leave Jimin alone! Stop it!” Jimin could suddenly hear his father beating someone. Jimin turned to see his father on top of him so Jimin threw the alarm clock from his desk at the back of his father’s head. When he looked up he saw his father coming at him. “Run! Get out of here!” Jimin yelled. His voice was cut off by his father’s hand around his neck. Jimin struggled to scream and release himself from his father’s grasp. Jimin clawed at his father’s arms until he let go making Jimin gasp for air. “Dad… please,” Jimin begged. Jimin had never seen his father like this, but what could he expected, his father had caught him with a boy in their home. Jimin was picked up by his collar being forced to stand. “Get out of my house and never come back,” his father growled tossing Jimin to the floor knocking the air out of him.
Jimin woke up to the sudden sound of thunder gasping for air. He looked around and noticed he was at least at home, sitting in the dark. Lightning flashed followed by a loud thunder, shaking the house. Jimin covered his ears, clenched his eyes shut and curled into a tighter ball on the floor. ‘It’s only a storm, it’s only a storm,’ Jimin repeatedly thought. “Jimin! Where are you?” Jimin flicked his eyes open at the sound of his name. He sat up slowly and looked in the direction of where he thought the voice was coming from. “Jimin, the power is out. Please tell me you are at least here.”
With a flash of lightning, Jimin saw him standing there looking away from him searching the room. Jimin could feel his tears streamed down his cheeks as he called out his name, “H-Hoseok?” Hoseok turned to look at Jimin and let out a sigh of relief. He rushed over to Jimin, took him in his arms and squeezed him tightly. “Oh thank god you’re okay Jimin.” Jimin started to sob uncontrollably as he tried to move himself closer to Hoseok. Hoseok moved Jimin’s body to where Jimin was sitting on his lap and squeezed him close. “I... I had that nightmare again Hoseok,” Jimin said into Hoseok’s chest. “I’m sorry Jimin,” Hoseok cried as he squeezed Jimin tighter. Jimin could feel Hoseok’s tears fall onto his skin. “He hurt you Hoseok,” Jimin cried again as he wrapped his arms around Hoseok’s neck. “It’s okay now. We’re safe now. I’m here Jimin. It’s okay. He can't hurt us again,” Hoseok soothed into Jimin’s hair just above his ear. Hoseok repeated himself a few more times. Each time Hoseok spoke Jimin could feel himself calming more and more with each breath.
Jimin pulled himself from his chest and looked up at Hoseok, unable to really see him. He moved his hand to Hoseok’s face and gently felt his features. Feeling Hoseok's smooth skin on his hand sent chills through his body. Hoseok brought up a hand and squeezed Jimin’s hand that was placed on his face. “Please Jimin. Don’t hide on your own. You’re not alone in this. I’m right here. When you feel weak, tell me, I’ll protect you. When you need to cry I’ll comfort you. Please... I love you.” Lightning flashed in that moment allowing Jimin to see Hoseok’s pleading eyes. Jimin moved in closer, pressing his lips against Hoseok’s relishing in the warmth that filled his body. Jimin could feel Hoseok’s grip became tighter around him trying to get rid of any space between their bodies.
Jimin slowly pulled from Hoseok’s lips feeling his breath brush his skin. “I love you Hoseok. I love you so much. I’m so-” Jimin cried before Hoseok connected their lips again, this time, more eager. Jimin folded himself into Hoseok’s arms further. When Hoseok pulled away Jimin heard him let out a small laugh. Hoseok placed his forehead against Jimin’s, “It’s in the past Jimin. I’m here with you. And I always will be.”
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