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Ok, so I LOVE this MV. A lot. There is soooo much going on.
I managed to find a somewhat translation online, so enjoy. But let's go into the MV itself.
The facial expressions in this MV are just amazing.
The dancing and DongWoo like, what?!?! Sorry, I love DongWoo he's just amazing. All of them are amazing, and I have a hard time deciding on a favorite! But DongWoo is one of my tops biases. They had to HOLD HIM BACK he's so awesome, 😉
And Sunggyu's devotion to L? I was so moved! Made me love him more!
No words needed for this. They all so awesome!
And finally my favorite, I save for last: SungJong!! Omg! His stares and looks at the camera hit you right in the fangirl gut! They pull at your heartstrings and make you ask: where did my baby go?!? And of course, BLONDE!! Blonde, blonde, blonde. See I remember him like this:
Memories anyone?
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They completely killed this comeback I am so proud of them! And that takes me back omg Sungjong's long blonde hair for btd!