a year ago100+ Views chapter 1 Chapter 2 “My name is jackson.” Jackson inquired with another question. “Do you have a place to stay?” “No, I am traveling alone, looking for work”. “Oh, Then you are coming with me. I would not like it if I had to save you again.” He shot he goofy grin at me and snatched up my hand and dragged me forward. We soon were on a path through the forest. We came upon a city by the ocean. We stood above the city on a cliff overlooking it. It was jaw dropping. The light of the cities’ lanterns glimmered of the water's surface. The buildings were painted in bright colors such as aqua and tangerine. On the outsides of the city on each side there were a big buildings. The city was in the shape of a triangle. Jackson pointed towards one of the buildings. The one that was on the side closest to the ocean. This building had a color scheme of sapphire blue and silver. Jackson spoke up “That is my home and where we are going.” Jackson took my hand again and pulled me towards the city. I treaded cautiously behind Jackson. While jackson ambled in. We walked in though a market. This market was a night market. The avenue was packed with people. The crowds of people with vibrant colored clothing streamed to the sides to the vendors. So we walked through the middle. A guy popped out of the crowd and found jackson. He sprinted towards us. “Yo, Jackson, What are you doing back so early?” Said a tall man with sharp features and one blue eye and one brown eye. The man saw me and gestured to me. “ Oh, Taecyeon, this is a girl is met in the woods. Taecyeon turned to me and said “ Hello, little lady.” The look on his eyes looked humorous like he had info we did not. He looked back at jackson and they talked for a while. “Jackson, by the way, the guilds are having a get together right now. You should hurry there.” Jackson snatched up my hand. He started down the road, looked back and yelled “ thanks for the info. See you later.” We left Taecyeon with a look of complete disbelief that soon turned to a cheeky grin.
I really do like it! I can't wait for chapter 3.
I rcommend you put a link to prior chapters in each new one for new readers. :-)
Ok @TaraJenner I will