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It's 7am and the last thing on your mind is how you must look. You stumble from your warm bed onto the cold tile of your bathroom and groggily reach out for... Your toothbrush. Yes, it's routine and necessary, and what?! No, why would you think it's sexy?! Well, we didn't think such a mundane task could be either, until the wonderful world of Korean celebrities proved us wrong. Now behold, Korean hotties who brush their teeth in the morning and look really good doing it. Here's The boys of SHINee! 1. Onew 2. Key 3. Jonghyun 4. Minho 5. Joo Won 6. Lee Min Ho 7. Choi Si Won 8. Lee Seung Gi 9. Se7en 10 11 please find part 2 cr to dramafever blog
Min Ho's toohbrushing in City Hunter is sexy !
Lee min ho is oppa is the sexiest...look at his cute little lips...sooooo sexy...his own looks so natural its not forced and disgusting
i agree with u @minozphil
i like the style of jo woon thier not pacute:)
I love him and everything about
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