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The ultimate test of responsible adulthood.

Not spending all my money at this Studio Ghibli store.

I was innocently walking around Hongdae last weekend when I suddenly saw THIS STORE. I've walked this same street for 4 years now I've never seen it.

It's grand opening was that weekend and I am very proud to say that I only looked, not shopped!

It had HUGE scenes from Totoro including the life size Cat Bus and Totoro himself!

Definitely stop in if not to shop than at least to take a few pictures :)

I wanted to buy everything but mostly I want this tea set or all the gorgeous plates!

This blog has photos from the store in Tokyo, but the Hongdae store has about 80% of this stuff!
Here are directions if you're in Seoul and want to visit!
Never mind I'll see you in a few years when I can actually live on my own
Where do you fudging live I want to move there NOW