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Hey every one @PrettieeEmm here to give you a bit of an update on Shinhwa's comeback

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First A little info on Shinhwa for those who may not know them.
Eric Mun, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan, Shin Hye Sung, Jun Jin and Andy Lee, debuted as Shinhwa on 24th March 1998 under SM Entertainment, with the single, ‘Resolver
Shinhwa, climbed up the ladder of success triumphantly; by 2002 was recorded as the longest running Korean Pop boy group, with the release of its sixth album, ‘Wedding’, of which the title track was ‘Your Wedding’. Soon they came to see the end of their contract with the SM Entertainment, which they did not want to renew, and signed a contract with Good Entertainment.
Until 2004, the new contract did not begin. Therefore, the members initiated their solo activities. Returning as a group under Good Entertainment, with the album ‘Brand New’, the group showed off a total different face, topping up charts.
In 2007, the group was on hiatus again expanding their solo activities. Since 2008 members had to go through their mandatory military enlistment.
2011 was another year of history for both the group and the K-Pop industry. Shinhwa became the first group to own its own company with the establishment of Shinhwa Company, a joint venture agency where Eric and Min Woo were Co-CEOs, and the rest of the members are shareholders.
The longest living idols will be having their 13th comeback by the end of this year. not to mention the fact that they had their 18th Anniversary (on my bday btw)
This is probably one of the most awaited comebacks for the older generation of fans 🙋🏻
On Sept. 19th Dongwan was a special DJ at KBS Cool FM and said "Shinhwa's comeback is planned for November."
That's a month delay from the previous known October comeback.
That means having to wait a whole month for greatness. But Im sure it will be worth it.
On the reason for the delay, Dongwan said, "We're are putting in alot of effort in song selection. We want to show a different color to the songs we've previously shown, and also want to work with great composers within Korea so there has been a bit of a delay"
He also added "Lee Minwoo's composition will be included in the new album as well. We didn't think it's right to rush each other so we're doing it at a comfortable pace."
At least they're gonna avoid the blood bath in October
Although we will have to wait an extra month there is a supply of spoilers
Since August 24, Shinhwa's Minwoo has been giving fans a series of spoilers for their upcoming 13th album
first spoiler Minwoo posted on his Instagram account, the company and staff have clearly posted a notice forbidding any filming or photography on what seems to be their MV set. In fact, Minwoo's finger points exactly toward the bullet point in the notice which reads, "Any personal blog or SNS posts which can become spoilers are strictly forbidden."
Lee Minwoo even shared an Instagram post about working on their new song.
In order to repay the fans for their support and to show their dignified status of ‘longevity idols’, Shinhwa is hard at work preparing for their comeback.

Just a few of my favorite Shinhwa's songs

Anyone else looking forward to this comeback?

And what are some of your favorite Shinhwa songs?

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Wow! Some good ish coming our way!
I can't wait!
yay I'm so excited to see Eric again 💙💙😍😍
Oooohhh, I'm excited!!!!!!!
I just learned a whole lot about Shinhwa that I never knew.
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