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I apologize for the late card, but I have a had a busy day with Pre-employment things. (After 9 months of searching for a job, I finally found one! I get to meet the babies soon, so I'm excited. I will be a HeadStart Teacher ♡)

Today's Card is just Videos Of Our lovable Onew! ♡♡

❧ Onew's hidden Talent: Tap Dancing.

《I don't know about yall, but I'd like to see more top dancing from him.》

❧ His High-Notes♡

❧ I won't give up ♡

❧ Covering the Beegees "How Deep is Your Love?"

One of my most favorite songs ♡

❧ A Whole New World

{All of the yeses in the history of Yessims!!}

❧ Poor Jonghyun

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I think he got his inspiration for tap dancing is from mj am I right? because so many people are inspired by him
I love him and his marvelous voice... The video of him singing A Whole New World I have never seen before so thank you so much for sharing!!! He is so much taller than the female singer!!!
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He's 5'10
I agree he needs to tag dance more. I fangirled so hard during the one of him and the little girl singing A Whole New World. That song makes me cry.
Yeassss!! it was so sweet ♡
Congratulations on your new job!! And Onew is such a bias wrecker. He is a well-rounded individual.
Thank you so much dear, I'm excited!! Yes he is he's so talented.