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Alrighty here is the final chapter in this story. I hope you all enjoyed it. Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 9 It's very short but it's just the concluding chapter.
It had been several months since Arlene died. Junior and his sister where handling things ok, but I was still worried about him. He even decided to go by his birth name.He was over working himself and finally one day Mark took me to his job. Which revealed why Arlene said that he was afraid of what would happen with me. Him being famous and finding out early on he could have thought I wouldn't really love him and just love the idea of dating someone famous. I followed Mark to a studio and he opened the door for me and I walked in. Junior was just laying on the floor breathing heavily. "Jinyoung." I said and he looked towards me. "What are you doing here?" He snapped. "Mark brought me." I walked over and before he could do and renting a quickly hugged him. "What are you doing (y/n)?" He tried to push me away. "I love you! Why won't you just come to me. I know this isn't easy for you but I am here for you to lean on." "Of course you love me I'm famous." He wouldn't hug me back. "No I loved you before today you idiot." I had tears falling down my face. "(y/n)" "Stop trying to be so strong and push me away. You need me right now and you know it!" He finally grabbed onto me and hugged me. We stayed like that for a little bit and then we finally pulled apart. He had cried a bit. I kissed him and wiped away his tears. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "Don't be. I get it I really do." He nodded and pulled me back to him. "I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks." "That's because you haven't, you've been here. But hey you work and obviously I totally get why you are so busy now. Good job hiding this from me." I smiled. "I wanted you to love me for me, not my fame." "Well your lucky. I normally don't even date." "really?" "Because of you For the first time, I dated and fell in love. So thank you." "I'm glad I was your first but I plan on being your last too." He smiled and pulled me into a kiss.
That's it???? Where's the rest of it???? This can't end yet!!!!
^^^^What she said!^^^
For the first time, I love how you put the title of the fanfic in there. I had a feeling Arlene would die but I didn't want her to. Overall I loved the story.