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I know I've been falling behind but here I am trying to catch up! Day 27 and 28 questions were Most badass scene from any character. and What's my favorite quote!? This will be really short!
Since day 19 and 27 are pretty similar ima just use those scenes from day 19 for day 27. (I don't know how to tag another card here so for now just go check out day 19) (If you know how to tag another card on here with a phone please let me know!!!!) Just randomly posted those pics for you to enjoy! lol day 19 here!
As for my favorite quote, there were so many I could've picked but I chose one that resonated in me! That was when Killua dad Silva told him that "He is his own person, Live as you please."
Well like I said, ima keep it short. Tagging below! (If you wish to be added let me know!) @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @otakudemon10 @biancadanica98 @belakttocs @SAMURXAI @MissHitachiin
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to link another card, go to that card (if you leave the card you're working on, your progress will be saved). In the upper right corner, there is an icon that looks like 2 rectangles stacked on top of each other; this will copy the link to your clipboard. Then just paste or hyperlink it in your card!
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always happy to help!