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No words can describe how perfect they are ❤❤

No. Sakura is.... No. They are more like siblings. Plus Hinata liked Naruto for almost all her life after she met him. She just couldn't protect him from the bullies. And I dunno I'm just rambling on. On everything Sakura had said to Naruto and punched him whenever he did something she didn't like... I just can't see them at all together. And because Sakura was literally devoted to Sasuke for like ever, and etc... I like the sasusaku ship better. You should see how the voice actors interact with each other, it's so cute.
@JessyRay19 I totally agree with you and Naruto is with Hinata already 😕 so why still ship that can no longer be shipped? We must accept fate TuT
I just don't see them having a relationship together Sakura has some traits that remind him of his mother that doesn't mean they belong together though and Naruto jokes a lot just like Sakuras' dad they are more like siblings who would do anything to see that person do better in life
all im saying is sakura never called on sasuke to save her
wow you just blew my mind with your fantasy words @lgslli
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