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Group Name: 9Muses
Debuted: August 12th, 2010
Latest Comeback: August 1st, 2017 - Love City
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Members: (5)
Name: Son Sung Ah
Stage Name: Sungah
Born: 1989
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
She's on hiatus at the moment.
Name: Park Kyung Ri
Stage Name: Kyungri
Born: 1990
Position: Vocalist
In the Sub-unit Nine Muses A.
Also in the co-ed group Nasty Nasty.
Name: Pyo Hye Mi
Stage Name: Hyemi
Born: 1991
Position: Vocalist
In the Sub-unit Nine Muses A.
Name: Jo So Jin
Stage Name: Sojin
Born: 1991
Position: Rapper
In the Sub-unit Nine Muses A.
Also in the co-ed group Nasty Nasty.
Name: Lee Keum Jo
Stage Name: Keumjo
Born: 1992
Position: Maknae, Vocalist
In the Sub-unit Nine Muses A.

Former Members:

Name: Kim Ra Na
Stage Name: Rana
Name: Lee Hye Bin
Stage Name: Bini
Name: Lee Hyun Joo
Stage Name: Lee Sam
Name: Jung Seo Young
Stage Name: Jaekyung
Name: Ryu Se Ra
Stage Name: Sera
She is currently solo.
Name: Lee Hye Min
Stage Name: Euaerin
Name: Park Eun Ji
Stage Name: Eunji
Name: Park Min Ha
Stage Name: Minha
Name: Moon Hyun Ah
Stage Name: Hyuna
She is currently solo.

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I've been a fan of nine Muses since "Wild" (Which is still my favourite song of theirs) so not that long, but they are so talented, and you hardly ever hear them being talked about among Kpop fans... I hope they will start to gain some more fans soon. I know their popularity has increased since "Hurt Locker" but it is still nowhere near where it should be...
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That's one reason I could never handle not being multi-fandom, I would just feel so guilty. It's also partly the reason I refuse to play the whole bias game, If I love a group, I love the whole group, no one takes precedence, it just feels more fair that way :)