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I was recently on Twitter and saw that Rap Mon has been posting a ton of music recommendations and thought I'd share a few of his recent tracks~

Lianne La Havas - Au Cinema

Lianne has been around for a long time, but I only learned about her in 2015 with the release of her album 'Blood.'
She has such a velvety jazzy voice and you'll be absolutely hypnotized.

The Fray - How to Save A Life

Wow, talk about a throwback. I must have been in middle school when this came out. The Fray is super emotional and their singles are always awesome!

Frank Ocean - Self Control

I'm pretty sure half the world is listening to this album right now. All I can find is a cover because its not on YouTube but please look it up and enjoy! We've waited so long for more Frank Ocean ㅠㅠ

심호흡 - 태풍이 지나가고

It's a song from this Japanese movie: After the Storm. I can't find it on YouTube, sorry!

Carry & Ron - IOU

Definitely has eclectic taste hah! This is a classic 90s ballad.

London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years

This is the kind of song you'll get lost in. Enjoy!

Who else loves that Rap Mon gives his song recommendations!? I'm always looking for new music so he's a gift to me hahha

His music is good I didn't expect him to share this type of music but that's so cool that he listens to everything kinda like me 😊😊
well dang rap Mon you have some good taste
why do I feel so on the edge just seeing this😨I keep thinking I should have my guard up for some reason
Bruh how to save a life was my shit in middle school
he's just an awesome person, and a gift to us all
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