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Tempt Not A Desperate Man! he hollered into the night and then laughed.
One by one the cars left. But Junmyeon waited still. He peered over at Chanyeol, but his on-the-run partner had fallen asleep. He eyed the house in the rear view mirror, the porch light came on, then a window lit up on the second floor. He looked over at Chanyeol again. Better to leave him to sleep. He opened the door as quietly as possible. The hinges let out a slow grinding noise that made his jaw clench but it wasn't enough to wake Chanyeol up. He walked across the road to the house, keeping an eye out for any cars that might be there to keep an eye on the place. There was no one around. He walked through the front gate, right up to the front door. He hesitated, what was he going to say, how was he going to react, so many questions popped up in his head, he was having second thoughts about approaching her brother. Then the door opened. He jumped aside as a man came out. He watched for a second, seeing that he was only going to lock up the gate. Junmyeon seen an opportunity and slipped in through the open door. He hid in the dark living room. Except for the light shining in from the foyer, he couldn't really see anything in there. He heard the guy come in and then go up stairs. He stood there, trying to figure out how he was going to do this. The room lit up as a car passed by, then it lit up again. Something caught his eye on the wall across the room. He tip-toed over and tried to make out who was all in photograph. When another car passed by, he backed away a little shocked and confused. He looked around for other photos, there was one on the coffee table. He picked it up and pulled the photo from the frame, clenching it tightly in his hands. He folded it and put it into his pocket. He wasn't sure what it meant but it was something. He quietly walked up the steps. He could hear that guy talking, then he heard someone else. He stopped half way and listened. He could hear him talking about leaving in a couple days but she's to leave the next day. She protested, saying she wants to leave together. Junmyeon snuck closer to the door, it bothered him for some reason, hearing that voice. "Someone might see you, and I mean by someone, I mean him. You're so careless. I don't know why..." He said, "If he catches you then what? Kill him too?" "If you must. He was so weak." She said sounding disappointed. "This was your plan, not mine!" He said angrily, "You said you had him wrapped around your finger but yet he left you. You said you could get anything from him but yet he turned you down at every turn." He said to her. "YOU'RE THE ONE THAT WAS CHEATING!" she snapped. Her voice sent chills down Junmyeon's spine. "You were the one that got that girl pregnant, you came to me to help you out of it!" Junmyeon's heart was pounding hard, his body started to shake with anger. He felt like he was pushed into a nightmare, before he knew it, he kicked the door open, wanting to see for sure if it was her, wanting to straggle her if it was. They both jumped. Junmyeon looked at the man, assuming this was supposed to be the brother and then to Her. She just sat there staring wide eyed at him, shocked to see him standing there. They glared at one another. Junmyeon couldn't believe it. He took a step towards her. "GRAB HIM!" she yelled. The guy lunged at Junmyeon, tackling him to the floor. Junmyeon tried to push him off, but when that didn't work, Junmyeon did what he had been taught to do if he was ever attacked by a sasaeng fan. With both fists, he slammed down on the guys back, grabbed one arm and twisted it hard to one side. The guy rolled over in pain. Junmyeon jumped up and ran down the stairs. As he ran out the front door, he seen Chanyeol standing outside the car and when Chan seen him running towards him, he jumped behind the wheel and started the car, shifting it into drive. Then he seen someone come running out of the house carrying a baseball bat, chasing after Junmyeon. "Run!" Chanyeol hollered at him. Junmyeon darted to the other side of the car and got in. Chanyeol slammed on the gas petal and sped away. They drove for miles, almost all the way back out of the city. Chanyeol didn't know what happened or why Junmyeon was throwing a fit next to him. He was hitting the window so hard that he cracked it. When he thought they were in the clear, he pulled over. Junmyeon jumped out. Chan watched him yell and cry, pounding his fists against the hood. When he seemed to calm down a bit, he got out. He went to him, putting an arm around him, comforting him. When Jun pulled himself together, he finally spoke. His voice still angry and a bit shaky, "It was a set up.... They were setting me up for this." "Who? That guy that was chasing you?" Jun clenched his teeth, spitting each word out, "Him and that fucking Bitch!" Chanyeol kinda smirked a little surprised. He never heard Junmyeon cuss before, Junmyeon has a kind heart, he never cursed except for the occasional 'damn' that would escape. "Tell me everything that happened in there." Chanyeol said. Junmyeon started to cry. "What am I going to do?"
my poor baby...