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So Kuma was the one who sent the straw hats to their respective places to train after they got their asses handed to them right? So with Chopper, Zoro, Nami, Franky, and Robin he knew exactly where they would benefit from. I'm iffy on Sanji because i guess he did send him to an ally of the revolutionary army, but with usopp, Brook, and Luffy he just freaking guessed where to send them and hope for the best. That's what bugs me, those 3 were pretty much at fates mercy.
They all still were able to improve themselves during those two years (: And it was good Luffy ended up there, cuz he met Hancock and she fell for him and helped him break into Impel Down to save Ace.
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i know,what I'm saying is that eveeyone else's spots made sense, where it was just luck for those three that things turned out halfways decent.
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Yea true i guess, haha
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I think he sent everyone where they needed to be. dudes who found Brook helped deepen his devil fruit thus soul king. Usoop needed items, plants, whatever to build better weapons. not only for him but Nami as well. Luffy he sent to one person who could get him where he need to be for Ace. I feel he hit it exactly right
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Youre totally, like 100% right
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