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Who:Reader x Do Kyungsoo What: College AU/ Fluff ....some angst(I can't promise no smut but I doubt it will show up in this story) Chapter 6 Story: You are a famous novelist that has just released your newest book. At a signing you meet your number one fan Do Kyungsoo. His sweet face and big eyes capture your attention and he becomes the object of your next story 'Through paper-glass windows'.
Princess Yeong In sat day in and day out behind the walls over the castle. With her mother dead and her father missing, her brother, Kyu Jin, kept a watchful eye over her. However, Kyu Jin was unaware of how his protection was nearly suffocating her. She looked out the paper-glass windows seeing two carriages both arriving as if each held their own journey. The prince that she longed to know more had stepped out of the right carriage and from the left carriage was another man much older, a man unknown to her. Who he was intrigued her deeply. Y/N's POV You woke up to Chanyeol's hand on your forehead. He had been watching over you while you were unconscious and he was now petting your head. You sat up and he helped you as he told you to take it easy. You looked at the man he called Seokjin sitting across from you looking at you worried. He had said he was your father and that had only sent a rush through you. You felt like closing up inside yourself again. "Y/N don't look at him look at me." Chanyeol said. Your eyes landed on Chanyeol. "Listen to me, you need to remember to breathe okay. When you forget, you faint and that's dangerous." Chanyeol said. You nodded. Your eyes went back to Seokjin taking in his features. He was tall, not yet gray but he was definitely in his late forties if not early fifties. You turned back to Chanyeol, "How long have I been out?" you asked. "Ten minutes." Chanyeol said. "That's not too bad. I have a dinner to go to, can you call Soojung and tell him to pick up Kyungsoo and bring him here. By the time he brings him back I should be ready." you said standing up. Chanyeol stood up with you, "Y/N are you sure? I'm sure Kyungsoo would understand if you didn't go to dinner tonight." "I'm sure Yeol. Besides it's a business dinner I have to go." you answered. "If it's a business dinner why is Kyungsoo going?" Chanyeol asked slightly suspicious. "Because the person I'm doing business with I don't want to be alone with." you said. You headed upstairs ignoring the call that came from your father. You just didn't want to deal with it at the moment. You went upstairs to get dressed and you moved quickly. You took a quick shower, and used your roller ball perfume on your wrists and neck. There wasn't much you could do with your hair so you just pinned it up. You slipped on a plum colored dress and black heels. By the time you came back down stairs, Kyungsoo was in the penthouse. He was talking to Chanyeol and your father was gone. It was a relief and at the same time it was a disappointment. Your eyes landed on Kyungsoo though and you smiled. You made your way down the steps and Kyungsoo looked at you; he gave you a soft smile. Chanyeol turned around and looked at you with a smile on. "Hi Kyungsoo are you ready to go?" you said. "Yes, me and Chanyeol were just finishing up." he smiled bigger. "You look good Y/N but are you sure you're feeling well enough to go?" Chanyeol asked. "Yeah I'm sure I'll be fine. Kyungsoo is with me. I trust him." you said. You looked to Kyungsoo with a small smile and he smiled bigger and reached his hand out to you. You took his hand in yours and he said goodbye to your brother. You both headed out meeting Soojung at the car. Kyungsoo didn't ask about what was going on. You partly believed that Chanyeol had told him about the situation but you didn't want to ask. You didn't even want your mind on your father. That was just too much to deal with on top of meeting Baekhyun. "Really quick, I have to let you know Baekhyun and me went to high school together and he's quite aggressive in nature especially towards men that I hang around." you said. "Is that so?" he said. You nodded, "Soo-Young calls him a diva he gets anything he wants." "So I'm assuming he wants you, is that why he asked you out?" "I'm not sure that's true, he did once in highschool but he became mean once he found out my reputation of being the school freak. There's a character in my book based off of him and I believe he knows that character is him. I honestly didn't think that he would read anything I wrote." "Y/N." Kyungsoo whispered. You looked at him. He was looking down at his hands and his fingers were twisting around each other. He then hesitantly put his hand on your leg like he was trying to test if that was ok. Your senses seemed to heighten at his touch, the way he lightly squeezed your leg, before sliding up just slightly to avoid making it seem like he was doing something inappropriate, had sent electricity through your body. You inhaled slowly as you looked into his big eyes. "Is it okay- if-- I asked you to be- my girlfriend?" he said. He spoke lowly and nervously, he didn't want to be this shy but you could tell he wasn't sure about the words leaving his mouth. You smiled at him and placed your hand on his and you pecked his lips before you leaned back into the seat, "Yes," you beamed. "Although you should know, I've never had a boyfriend before. In fact, you took my first kiss." He looked shocked for a second at that confession and then he looked like he was trying to bite back a smile. You laughed at the way it formed on his lips anyway. You leaned over and rested against him. His arm wrapped around your shoulders and he held you tighter. You could see Soojung's eyes in the rear view mirror looking at you two cuddled together. The way his eyes squinted you could tell he was smiling at you two. You smiled shyly and turned your face in towards Kyungsoo's chest. You felt Kyungsoo's hand move up and down your back slowly but smoothly. His other hand holding yours and fixing its position to lock with your fingers. You two sat like that for the rest of the car ride, you felt him kiss your head before you sat up once Soojung announced you two had arrived. You were only a few minutes late thankfully. Kyungsoo got out of the car and walked over to your side and opened it up for you. You smiled embarrassed but happy at how well he treated you. You couldn't help but remember back to earlier that day how your head rested in his lap while his smooth voice read to you. He was amazing, the Prince you've always waited for. Prince Song Inho had visited the garden outside of the castle for days in and days out always noticing Princess Yeong In's eyes on him but never giving her attention. It was not because he found little interest in her but rather it was in his nature to be flustered. Inho was the type of man to have many women fawning over him, his large eyes that made him look innocent but some how scary at the same time. His large lips that looked inviting for a sweet soft kiss, his arms that looked as if they could hold a woman in a strong embrace. He was breath taking from head to toe. He had captured the sweet Princess heart. Her very nature was to be innocent and to afraid to move from the world she was in. The very day that Prince Inho stepped into the castle was the same day Princess Yeong In strayed from her room and ran out to the gardens a head of her home. She looked up to see the paper glass windows she left behind and the fear of going too far kept her close. Kyu Jin sent his men to find her but Inho knew where she would be. He calmly and softly walked towards the garden moving slowly yet swiftly. Till he saw her gazing at the rose before her, her hand reached out to it to touch it and the thorn pricked her finger. She jerked her hand back and looked at the plump drop of blood that built up from her wound. Inho moved closer and silently towards her and when she finally noticed another person in the garden with her she stepped back. His blank stare made her feel like she was in trouble but his handsome face kept her from running from him. He slowly reached out for her and almost as if understanding what that silent gesture meant she placed her hand palm up into his so that the blood wouldn't get on it. He stared at her with wide eyes and she could feel her body warm and her heart race at this gentle face. He looked as though he could slay dragons and command legions of men with that face. He wiped her finger and ripped the small cloth he had brought from his pocket and tied the smallest half around her finger. She looked at how he tied it curiously and then looked at him, he hadn't let go of her hand. He stared down at it with a slight smile threatening to grow if he didn't keep his composure. He kissed the back of her hand and knelt down to the rose. He used the small knife he had on his person and stripped the rose of its thorns and the then cut it. He stood back up to her and presented her with the rose. Yeong In took the rose and looked at it curiously and the first true smile that had ever blossomed from her lips came from this mysterious Prince. Inho's stare no longer seemed scary, his eyes lit up when he saw her smile and a soft smile much bigger than the one before rose from his lips. His hand cupped her cheek and he placed a gentle kiss on her lips to her surprise yet she didn't back away because it felt right. Prince Inho may have been her reason to set herself free. "Now let us return my lady, your brother will be worried if you're out any longer than you are." he spoke taking her empty hand again. Yet as they headed back the sky became darker than it had before. The older man from the second carriage stood before them both... "Y/N, Y/N?" Kyungsoo said snapping you from your thoughts. "Yes?" you answered. "Are you alright?" he asked as you stood in front of the hostess station. The woman behind it smiled at you, she knew who you were, most people did with all the advertising your company did. You bowed to her and apologized to both Kyungsoo and the woman, "I'm fine I was just thinking is all. Um we're here to sit with Byun Baekhyun. Is he in?" you asked. She nodded, "Right this way." She lead you and Kyungsoo to a table where Baekhyun was sitting down looking at his phone. She bowed to you before returning to her station and you cleared your throat which grabbed his attention. He looked up a little surprised that he hadn't noticed you two walk up. When his eyes landed on Kyungsoo, his smile slightly fell then he picked it back up assuming a well enough attitude that he wouldn't seem rude. His eyes washed over you and it landed on Kyungsoo's hand that was on your waist. He raised his hand to the chair in front of him. "Please sit." he said to you. He looked to Kyungsoo, "I'm sure they won't mind you taking a chair from one of these empty tables. Please sit." he said politely enough. He was normally harsh towards guys you were around but he was being especially sweet this time. You wanted to know why. Kyungsoo pulled out your chair for you and pushed you in. You smiled at him and thanked him and then he went and grabbed a chair and sat next to you. "My name is Do Kyungsoo by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you Byun Baekhyun." he said. Baekhyun chuckled, "Aish, there's no need to be so polite we're not that far apart from each other. It's embarrassing to hear someone around my age address me so formally." Kyungsoo nodded but didn't say much afterwards. You looked from him to Baekhyun, "So what is it that you wanted to know about Seok Hyeon?" you said. Baekhyun leaned back into his chair with a sigh, he smiled, "Y/N you're a smart girl I'm sure you know I don't care much about the character or rather there's no need for me to learn about him because he's based off of me." He smiled big making his eyes close and when he opened them again they fell on Kyungsoo. "I figured it would be the only way to finally get you to go out with me. You've become prettier over time but then you seemed to have brought a friend along with you to keep this from becoming romantic. I asked if you had a boyfriend you never said no." he asked "I told her not to say anything if she wasn't ready for people to know. She apparently wasn't ready at the time." Kyungsoo said. Baekhyun looked to him and smiled slightly to make you think he was plotting something against him. You placed your hand on top of Kyungsoo's and Baekhyun looked back at you. "He's he really your boyfriend or are you just too scared to tell me you don't want me?" he said leaning against the table. You felt uncomfortable now; he was putting pressure on you to speak up for yourself. You only had the ability to act different when it came to Kyungsoo. The person you wanted to be came out when you were with him and perhaps when you were around his friends on a special occasion. You looked at Kyungsoo and realized that you really did have to speak for yourself. You didn't even bring him along to speak for you, you brought him because you wanted to spend time with him. You liked the way his lips felt pressed against yours and you liked how calm he made you feel. It was the direct opposite of what Baekhyun made you feel. Did girls really go out with him? Was he even this aggressive with them or was it just you? Why was he pushing so hard to make you speak up for yourself anyway? Baekhyun leaned in further into the table cocking an eyebrow upward waiting for your answer. You squeezed Kyungsoo's hand and begged yourself to not sound as weak and as small as you were starting to feel. Most of the time your nice sweet behavior was manufactured for the public while your worries and panic attacks were hidden in the shadows. So many people were around to watch but then it hit you, you looked up at Baekhyun half disgusted and the other half hurt. "Are you trying to make me freak out?" you asked small. Kyungsoo looked at you then back at Baekhyun. Baekhyun smiled a little tilting his head up and then he shrugged as he let his back once again hit the back of the chair. "They always said you were really weird in school. I didn't really believe them until someone said you completely freaked out during a test. You ended up passing out and your brother came to pick you up. He wouldn't even let you stay for the rest of your classes he just made you leave. You're sheltered Princess, I just want to know how much." he said. The embarrassment from this situation had sped up your heart rate and you felt your feet beginning to move. You moved away from the chair and Kyungsoo called out to you standing up himself. You bumped into someone as you were trying to walk off. You stood there by the table looking up at the man that had come to visit you earlier. "Seokjin?" you said in shock. He looked at you with wide eyes. He looked much different then he had before at your penthouse. He was groomed well, and in a nice and expensive suit. When he had shown up at your place he looked like a regular guy that stepped off the streets. He didn't look down on his luck or anything but he definitely didn't give off the impression that he had money. At least not the kind of money that could afford that suit. There was a woman and another man just a head of him. When they heard you say his name, the woman said, "Honey who is this?" Honey? Wait what was happening? Seokjin looked to her and shrugged, "I'm not sure dear. Excuse me I apologize for bumping into you." he said to you. "What?" You asked almost helpless. You were more confused than anything. Was this the same guy that said no more than an hour ago that you looked like your mother. The same man that your eldest brother yelled at to get out of your penthouse and he wouldn't budge until he got to speak with you. This same man that sought you out was now denying knowing you and he seemed to have a wife. What made it worse was what the man in front of you said, "Come on Dad we have to get back." Seokjin looked at you with a slight pain in his eyes. You stepped back feeling your breath leave you again. Seokjin nodded and walked towards that woman and his son. You started pacing trying to breathe but as always it didn't help it made it worse. Kyungsoo grabbed your hand and stopped you from moving. He placed his hand on your waist and the other to youour neck and you hadn't realized that tears had already started to leave your eyes. He pressed his forehead to yours and said, "Calm down Y/N I'm right here." he said smoothly. His voice slightly settled your breathing but not by much because you were crying hard. Why? Why did he have a family, a son that was older than you, a wife? Why did he get to have that and you were left with a haunting memory of your mothers shredded face? You were crying harder and your breathing was less. You were in front of so many people. You were embarrassed and sad and angry. "Y/N please Princess, I need you to breathe slowly. Come here, follow me." he said softly. He took both your hands in his and he brought you into a dark and private corner. Eyes were no longer on you two. The murmurs of on lookers ceased, they were gone. You were still crying and trying to get your breathing in order, when Kyungsoo pressed you up against the wall. He wrapped his arms around you and he whispered in your ear, "Focus on my voice Y/N. Just Listen." he said. He began to hum something that sounded oddly familiar to you. You realized it was the same song he was humming earlier when he was leaned up against the tree. You hadn't realized it until you took a deep breath that not only did his voice calm you down and get your breathing back in order but you had also stopped crying though the sniffles remained. He pulled back from your ear to look you in the eyes and he kissed you. "Thank you." You said softly. He pushed some hair out of your face, "You're welcome. I'll tell Baekhyun we're leaving. You can call Soojung." he said. You nodded obediently. Baekhyun gave up after seeing how you broke down but you honestly thought it had something to do with whatever Kyungsoo told him while you were calling Soojung. When he picked you two up, he said, "Short dinner this evening Miss? Is everything alright?" "Yes Soojung, thank you for asking." you answered. Kyungsoo pulled you in to lay against him. His hand ran through your hair over and over again. You closed your eyes thinking of the cool breeze that came to meet you two earlier when he read to you. That was one of the worst panic attacks you ever had and he knew just how to get you calm. He stayed calm the entire time unlike how Chanyeol would curse before he would come to rock you side to side and count to get you to breathe. Both completely different methods but both men knew how to stop them from coming or at the very least keep you from passing out. When you got back into the penthouse, Chanyeol was gone. Kyungsoo had lead you up the stairs and to your bedroom. He stopped at the door until you gave him permission to come in. You liked that he had manners and didn't do anything without permission. You sat down on the bed and you patted the spot next to you. He carefully sat down next to you. You sighed trying to maintain your breathing. "Y/N who was that guy?" he asked. You shrugged, "He said he was my father but he acted as if he didn't know me. I'm so confused but it hurt." "What did?" "He had this family, this beautiful wife and a handsome son but he left me before I was even a year old." "Y/N I'm sorry." he said. "You shouldn't be, you've done nothing wrong. If anything you've helped me so much already." you said looking at him. He gave you a soft smile and he pulled you in for a soft kiss. "Kyungsoo, will you stay with me tonight?" you asked. "Are you sure?" he asked. You bit your lip looking to the other side of the room. it wasn't that you weren't sure but the request you were about to make you were scared might make him want to leave. "H-have you ever slept with a woman Kyungsoo?" He looked at you surprised, "Um- yeah. B-Back in highschool." he said. "I don't want to go to bed with all of that on my mind. Can you help me forget?" You gently placed your hand on his. He looked you deep in the eyes. "Make love to me tonight." you said. He caressed your cheek and came close to your lips. "Do you know what you're asking Y/N?" You nodded, "Are you sure you want this?" he said. You nodded again. He swallowed before he pressed his lips against yours and gently led your back onto the bed.....
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Since when did our beloved squishy became a man?????? Dear heavens I'm not ready for the next chapter!!!!! ( Clenches pillows in excitement)