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Ch 7/?
Ken left before dinner was even started. Hakyeon tried to convince him to stay but Hyuk was sick and Ken insisted that he needed to get home. Hakyeon had a feeling that something happened between him and Leo but didn't press. Leo wasn't as scary as everyone probably made him out to be. Not with how he treated Yuki, or Wonsik and Hongbin. He was very gentle with kids. 
After dinner Leo told Yuki to say goodnight to everyone. After goodnights and promises of saying we'll play together in the morning, they headed to their room. Leo laid Yuki down making sure she was comfortable. 

“Yuki.” Leo spoke in his quiet voice. The girl looked at him with adoration in her eyes while smiling. Leo smiled down at her and smoothed her hair back away from her face. 
“Appa has to go away for a little while tomorrow.”

“Where?” She asked unaware that she could not go. 

“The place where Hakyeon works, Appa is going to see if he can work with him.” 

“Oh. Yuki come too?” She smiled. Leo hesitated a moment before speaking. 

“No. Yuki has to stay here with Hongbin and Wonsik.” 
Yuki instantly began to tear up. 

“I can’t be with Appa?” 
Leo mentally sighed as he pulled Yuki up to lay on his stomach. 
“It won’t be forever. Just a few hours. Like when Hakyeon was gone. That's how long Appa will be gone. You’ll have the boys and Ken will be here. Appa talked to Ken so he will be extra nice to you. Okay?” 

Yuki didn't respond but he heard little sniffles and she clung tighter to him. His heart clenched a the sound. Wrapping his arms around her he began to quietly sing to her. After a while her breathing had evened out and she fell asleep with a hand clutching his shirt. Leo took a few deep breaths trying not to cry. He wanted Yuki to be happy and stay with her but he had to find a way to begin to provide for himself and her as well. He couldn't stay with Hakyeon and the boys forever. He didn't like the fact that he had to rely on Hakyeon for clothing and food. It didn’t feel right. His mind was working over time. Singing to Yuki helped distract him, even if she was asleep. 

Morning came too soon. It was quiet when Leo woke. Yuki hadn’t moved from her spot on his chest. Still clutching his shirt in her little hand. Leo smiled and kissed her forehead before carefully maneuvering her to lay beside him. She wiggled a little but other wise stayed asleep. Leo tucked her in before getting up. There was no way he could sleep now. He quietly excited the room and went to make some coffee. 
He stopped when he saw a tired Hakyeon and a sleeping Hongbin on the couch.
Leo didn't have to make any coffee. There was was some already in the pot. It must of just been made. Leo grabbed some for himself and Hakyeon. The older boy thanked him as he took a sip and ran a hand through Hongbins hair. Leo motioned to Hongbin. A quiet duestion as to why they were out here.

“Nightmare. He gets them from time to time.” 
Leo noddedd and focused on his Coffee. 
“Your nervous.” Hakyeon stated after a few minutes of silence. “Is this your first real job?” 
Leo gave a short nod. 
“It was my first job as well.” That got Leo’s attention. “I kept screwing up and Hyung was ready to fire me. Until I begged and broke down. I had two little dongsangs to look after and no way to give them food or clothes. We moved alot as well. They’re young enough to not understand thankfully. Hyung helped me and took the time to teach me. I wouldn't have this playce if it wasn't for him.”
Leo silently took in the information. It wasn’t exactly the same situation as his but a-lot of similarities. 
Yuki woke to no Appa. Scared she got up and went looking for him. She felt relief once she saw him sitting on the couch with Hakyeon and Hongbin Oppa. 
“Good morning Yuki.” Hakyeon smiled. Yuki was in a cranky mood and silently made her way over to Leo. He helped her climb onto the couch and onto his lap where she snuggled into him. 

“Someone isn't happy this morning.” Hakyeon commented. 

“She’s upset be because she can’t be with me all day.” Leo quietly explained. Hakyeon made an Ah sound but left it alone for now. The four just enjoyed the quiet morning until it was time to get ready for the day. Hakyeon let Hongbin sleep a little longer and led Leo over to his wardrobe. It wasn't much but there was enough for him. 
Yuki was Leo’s shadow the rest of the morning. She pouted none stop and refused to play with the boys causing them to stop. She didn't want her Appa to leave. What if she never saw him again! What if the mean men came back?! 

“Appa!” Yuki tugged at Leo's shirt. Leo hummed and continued fixing his hair. Yuki didn't say anything causing Leo to look down. He was slightly surprised to see Yuki near tears.

“What? What’s wrong?" He asked picking her up and cradling to his chest. 

“Mean men come here?” She asked with a sniffle. Leo kept his composure and rubbed Yuki's back soothingly.

“No." He told her firmly hoping it was the truth. He had no idea how long this peace would last. “They won't come here. Appa promises okay?”

“Yuki!” A wonsik whined knocking on the bathroom door. “Won’t you please come play?” 

“You should play with Wonsik and Hongbin. They miss you.” Leo tried to encourage. 
“Miss Appa.” Yuki continued to pout clinging to Leo. Leo sighed and held onto Yuki rubbing small circles on her back. 

“Appa will miss Yuki too. It's only for a few hours. You'll have Wonsik and Hongbin to play with.” He told her trying to keep her calm. He didn't like leaving her either but what was he supposed to do? He needed a job. He couldn’t keep borrowing from Hakyeon. It felt like stealing. Just until he got on his feet. He would pay Hakyeon back for everything that he had done for him and Yuki. 

“Yuki.” Wonsik whined again. Leo opend the door and bent down. 

“Wonsik-ah can you do Hyung a favor?” He asked gently. Wonsik nodded and waited for Leo to go on. 
“I need you and Hongbin to take care of Yuki while I'm away.” He told him. “Can you do that for me?”

“Of course hyung!" Wonsik nodded and had a determined look on his face. “As a prince I can't let anything happen to my princess!”

“Will you keep her safe from the big nose dragon?” HE asked. 

“I shall slay the dragon over and over!” He nodded. Leo smiled. This boy was cute. 

“See Yuki? Wonsik and Hongbin will make sure you are safe. You won’t be alone and Appa will be home sometime around dinner.” 

“It will be okay Yuki don't be sad.” Wonsik spoke patting her head gently. Yuki still pouting snuggled into Leo. She was daddy's girl. Leo sighed and stood. There was nothing to be done right now. If Yuki didn't want to let go then there was no getting her to release him. It wasn't the first time this happened and it wouldn't be the last. She was stubborn. She refused to eat breakfast and didn't speak to anyone.

“Yuki. How about I have Ken bring you and the boys to the shop near closing time?” Hakyeon suggested. “You and your appa can come home together. Would you like that?” 
Yuki nodded and that seemed to help a little. Shortly after Ken arrived with a baby boy in his arms. 

“This is Hyuk.” Ken introduced to everyone. He avoided eye contactt with Leo. Yuki seemed interested in the baby and leaned over to look at him. 

“Little.” She spoke quietly.

“Ne.. He is younger than you. That makes you his Noona.” Ken explained. Yuki smiled and seemed satisfied. Hakyeon explained that Ken was to bring the kids to the shop around closing time. He gave specific instructions on the boys meal and now Yuki’s meal plan for today and the numbers to call in an emergencyy. Ken already knew all this. Hakyeon was just doing it to reassure Leo who still had a clinging Yuki. Both seems to be mesmerized by the baby. 

“He just learned to walk." Ken explained. 

“Yuki. Appa has to leave now.”

“No." Yuki whined. 

“Yuki." Leo spoke a little firmer then before. Yuki didn't like that tone. That tone meant Appa wasn't playing around anymore.
“Your going to come pick Appa up from work. It won't be long. If you stay here and play with Wonsik and Hongbin then time will go faster.” 

“We’ll be here Yuki.” Hongbin tried seeming upset.

“See? The boys will be sad if you don't play with them.” Hakyeon spoke. Yuki pouted some more but nodded. She gave Leo a kiss on the cheek and hug before letting Leo set her on the floor. Leo kissed the top of her head. Wonsik and Hongbin held her hands trying in their own way to reassure her.

“Look after Yuki well boys.” Hakyeon instructed.

“Ne.” The boys spoke while nodding. They took their prince/Oppa role very seriously. It wasn’t two seconds that Leo left that Yuki burst into tears. She tried to run to the door but Wonsik and Hongbin stopped her. They began to panic as Yuki’s wouldn't stop crying. Her crying caused Hyuk to begin to cry as well. Ken was trying to calm Hyuk down while speaking to Yuki telling her it would be alright. Hongbin and Wonsik didn't know what to do and began crying themselves. Ken groaned knowing it was going to be a long morning. 

Leo was nervous.
1- He had left Yuki in Kens care. Ken seemed to get the message, but he didn't like leaving Yuki with someone else at all.
2 - This would be his first real job interview ever. Would the guy like him? Did he look okay? What was he supposed to tell this man if he asked something personal? Lie? Tell the truth? No he couldn't tell the truth. That would just lead to trouble. He’s not good at expressing himself, would that cost him the job right there?

“Leo." Hakyeon voice brought Leo out of his thoughts. They where on the bus sitting beside one another. Leo glanced towards him but otherwise didn't say anything. 

“Don't be nervous. Eunkwang Hyung is a good guy.” Hakyeon tried to reassure Leo. Leo just gave a slight nod and faced front again. Hakyeon had given him a run down of the place and the coworkers. They seemed nice enough. Everyone got along for the most part. He told him how to clean things. How drinks where made. The regular customers. The crazy ones that needed an eye kept on. The ones that where okay. It was a lot to take in. When they arrived Leo wiped his hands on his pants. He was incredibly nervous. HE followed Hakyeon into the building and tried to take in everything. 

“Hyung!” Hakyeon spoke knocking on an office door. 

“Enter." a muffled voice called through the door. 

“Good morning hyung. Leo is here. When do you want to interview him?” 

“Of course. Show him in.” 
Hakyeon motioned for Leo to enter and left after receiving a look from his hyung. He smiled warmly at Leo. 

“Hello I’m the owner of this Cafe Eunkwang.” 

“Hello my name is Leo.” Leo bowed politely. 

“Have a seat Leo.” Eunkwang motioned. Leo did and waited for Eunkwang to say something. Hakyeon stood outside the office. His ear to the door trying to hear. It wasn’t easy. Leo was too soft spoken. HE wanted to know how it went. Maybe he could help Leo out. Hakyeon let out a shrinek when the door was yanked open. He would of fallen if his hyung hadn’t caught him. 

“Work. Now.” He spoke firmly. Hakyeon wanted to argue but the looks his boss was giving him had him closing his mouth. 

“Ne hyung.” He mumbled. He gave Leo two thumbs up before going to do his job. Eunkwang shook his head. 
“That boy worries like a mother hen.” He sighed. He closed the door once satisfied that Hakyeon wouldn’t be coming back. 
“So, Leo let’s get this interview started.” HE smiled as he sat. Leo nodded and waited for the first question to be asked.

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