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EXO's Kris and f(x)'s Amber perform a 'kkap' version of EXO's 'Growl'
***the First pic is a VID ... Click on it *** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ f(x)'s Amber and EXO's Kris are at it again! The duo are featured in Amber's latest Instagram video which she captioned, "Kkap 'Growl' ft. Kris's jacket." The two of them originally spell out "E-X-O" with their hands, while Amber wears Kris' jacket. Amber then continues to dance to parts of the "Growl" choreography - a bit normal at first, but when Kris passes by, she starts up the 'kkap'. Check out the video!
omg kris looks sooooo goood in the 1st pic omg those hands lol :)
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@ZitlalitRodrigu the first pic is a video ... click on it ... :)
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@divalycious oh damn I didn't even kno. thanks....he's my bias I gotta keep up with him ;)
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