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Day 1: Anime Crush!

Okay, so for the first day of our MLB fluff week, I decided to do, who is your anime crush! Based on Marinette's crush on Adrien and Chat Noir's crush on Ladybug!β™‘ And I know we all have one!

I'm gonna be honest here and say I have too many damn anime and game crushes to even put them all on here, lol. But I will name a few. And yes! You can add more than one! But if you only have one, watch more anime!

Character: Shou Kurusu

Anime: Uta no Prince Sama

I love him! He is such a freakin' hot mess uh! Damn! Lol! He's a tsundere and he's small of stature, but he's the sweetest, kindest, dorkest, and most amazing man you could want! He's also an idol, so he knows how to sing and act!~ He will always be one of my most TOP anime characters!

Characters: Kota Igarashi and Dui

Game: Scandal in the Spotlight and Star Crossed Myth

Okay. So this is actually two people, I'm just lazy to make another page lol. Anyway, the first one is Kota Igarashi (Ko). I love him! He's quiet, a gamer, an idol, and he has a photogenic memory! How cool is that! I really wanna buy all his routes but I don't have enough money on my Google Play. But what I have read, I love! His personality is that he cares, he's okay quiet, and he really loves you! ~β™‘ On that note, the other one is Dui! β™‘ Gods he's beautifully sexy! Lol. (Sorry I'm fangirling~β˜†) Dui, isn't like other men, because he's not. He's a god! More accurately, he is the god of Gemini and has a split personality. But don't worry, Shadow Dui gets better! Dui's sweet, caring, protective, sudective, and very funny! I have bought ALL his routes and I need more money in Google Play, as I said before. Once I get more, I wanna buy Ichthy's route! β™‘

Overall, I think you should ALL DOWNLOAD Voltage games on Google play, and I believe that it's on iphones to! Do it! Your life will be wasted on beautiful anime man and I know we're all okay on that! Lol

Character: Chat Noir

Anime: Miraculous Ladybug

What's a MLB fluff week without anything Miraculous the first day!? The last anime crush on this shortened list is none other than our very own, Chat Noir! I really honestly love him and can not wait to see more of him in seasons to come!~β™‘ He's like, a dream guy for me, if we're gonna take that route lol. He's, funny, cute while being sexy, a bit stupid but the lovable kind of stupid, caring, flirtatious, very protective, and most of all, his damn puns for things! He's also a model, well if you count him as Adrien Agreste. Which I don't care about the model part but, there's gonna be girls like ChloΓ© and I will HAVE to kill someone! Lol jk.... maybe.... ANYWAYS, Chat Noir is most certainly an anime character I'm crushing on and am proud to share it! Lol ~β˜†

And that counts my day one of Miraculous fluff week! Don't forget tomorrow is 'Favorite Shipping Moment' on MLB of course, so look out! I got a lot of moments to share with this, but there's one that's oh-so cute! And I really don't care who you ship with who. Like, go for it! You ship it you keep it afloat! That's all my lovelies! But no panick, I'll be back tomorrow! Till then, use your Lucky Charm and stay miraculously Miraculous.

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Chat Noir Team (Cat and Bug Team) @Gracielou0717 Ladybug Team (Bug And Cat Team) @FirePrincess11 @KassiIverson @CandyApple22
I FREAKIN LOVE SHOU!!!! He is my FAV starish member!
Same! OMG HE'S SO SEXY!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜˜β€πŸ’—
who doesn't have a crush on chatton XD see my problem is that everyone I like I already ship with someone else XD
Omg! Same!!!πŸ˜‚