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So I still have yet to watch this anime (I was gonna start it and HxH, along with continuing One Piece, and maybe a shorter anime as soon as I caught up on Naruto, but I've been too busy with school and stuff to get my multi-anime groove back on, plus my non-anime shows are coming back, so I've just been watching One Piece until I catch a breath), but I spotted this while glimpsing Facebook (captioned "summary of Inuyasha" or something along those lines) and was curious about how accurate you all thought it was/ just thought you might enjoy it! UPDATE: I have since started both Inuyasha and HxH, and so far I think both are living up to the hype! *(^o^)*
And adultswim had a compilation of them yelling their names to each other. It still looked awesome. Hahahaha
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lol, arigato!
completely too and then there is sit sit sit sit..
lol, I love that! I'm almost 60 episodes in now and in love!
Even though this 600% true Inuyasha is still my favorite anime of all time
Exactly^ lmao
Its one hundred percent the entire anime 😂 But its one of my favorites even so 😍
It happens like 5 times every episode. Doesn't make the show any less awesome.
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