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So this is a one shot story, for Chen! I wanted to do one to post on his birthday! it's short and well, i did a different style then I normally done but hope you like it! So happy birthday to Chennie!!!!
She was just sitting there waiting for him to come, arriving early she had already placed the order for food and had them put the cake in back to suprise him later. He was coming with a bunch of friends to celebrate his birthday with her. After dating for only 2 months she was finally going to meet his friends. The two of them had decided or rather when they first started dating he had decided that he wanted to keep their relationship a secret for a while. Now, as she really wanted to celebrate his birthday with him he had to give in since his friends were also doing something for him. She sat there waiting patiently, looking at her phone of pictures she had taken with him. He was adorable in all of them and once again she wondered how she got so lucky to be with him. With her plain looks, brown hair and mousy like facial features she wondered what he ever saw in her, but then she remembered how he kept telling her how energetic and outgoing she was and that's what drew him to her,  he liked her for herself. "Hi cutie! Are you hear by yourself? Why don't I drink with you?" A loud voice startled her making her look away from her phone and to the random guy who sat across from her all of a sudden. He looked to be around that same age and looked like he was either making fun of her or trying to hit on her. Either way she didn't like it. "Im not by myself! " she stated. He looked around  at the large table she had reserved and saw no one seated. "I don't see anyone so it looks like your alone!" He told her. "If you don't leave at the count of three I will yell" she stated, still sounding calm. "Oh now why would you do that? " he leaned in closer to her. "We're just getting to know each other " "No,  we are not. One" she started counting.  "Ooo what are you going to do" he leaned back as he laughed at her.  She could see his friend seated behind him shaking his head back and forth. "Two" she stated. "What's your name cutie? Your very cute you know that?  You know what they say about cute shy girls?" He questioned "Im not shy" she shook her head. "Oh, so are you fiery?  I like a girl with spunk! " he said. "Than your in luck " she grinned.  She had said it so sweetly that he leaned in again. "Three" she said. At the front of the restaurant she could see her boyfriend along with a bunch of people,  he was looking around to spot her. "What are you going to do?" The guy joked. "Nothing" she said waving her hand ignoring him now. "Smart girl. What's your name?" He asked again. Her boyfriend had spotted her and was walking over, at first she could tell he was confused and then looked upset. She didn't say anything just followed him with her eyes as he came up and stood behind the guy. "Oppa!" She said with a smile. "Oppa? Oh I like that! " the guy said not knowing "She was talking to me" her boyfriend said. "Chennie! " she said. "Is this guy bothering you  (y/n)? ” he grinned at her. "Yes!" She said making him chuckle as he lifted the guy up by his jacket. "Go away!" He told him with a wild crazy look on his face. "Relax dude, she didn't say she was with people  I thought she was alone!" He said even knowing that was a lie. "The big table she's sitting at didn't give you a clue?" Chen questioned "Sorry sorry " the guys friend had approached and was apologizing as he started pulling at his friend.  They watched as his friend smacked the back of the guys head before sitting back down at his own table. "Never had that happen before " she mumbled she was standing and moving around the table to give Chen a hug and a peck on this lips. He was shocked by the affectionate display but the rest of his friends just chuckled "Happy birthday oppa!" She told him he chuckled and wrapped his arm around her. "Thank you (Y/N)" he said to her. They all took their seats as Chen introduced his friends,  Sehun,  Kai, Kyung soo,  and xiumin.  A few of his friends were missing due to work. They all were very nice and joked around with Chen as they ate. She could see they were tight as a family.  When the food was all gone she asked their server to bring out that cake and they did so. "Baby what is this?" Chen asked as the cake came out and was set in front of him, "Its the first thing we get to celebrate together,  so I went a little crazy on the cake" she said.  The cake was chocolate with candy sprinkles around the edge and fudge frosting on the top with little plastic balloons and candles on top. "Cake!" Chen said looking at it then looking at her. "She wrapped her arms around his neck from behind.  "Make a wish" she told him. "But my wish is already true,  I have you" he said making her giggle into his neck.  "Make another wish! Maybe it'll come true" she told him. he thought about it and blew out the candles. "What you wish for?" she asked. "I can't tell you until it comes true " he grinned at her.
so cute