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So, I drew a picture for my friend. I asked her who her favorite anime character was and she told me Ban. I have never watched Seven Deadly Sins yet but I think I will soon because I believe I will enjoy it.
Here is the drawing of Ban, what do you guys think of it? Give me a rating. I won't rate it but instead let you guys rate it. I think it came out pretty well and he reminds me of Lyon from Fairy Tail, anyone else?

Let Me Know What You Think! ^.^~

god ur amazing, I can draw also but the way u color it, I'm to much of a wuss to color my drawings I prefer to shade lol I never got how ppl can shade w/ colors ur really good!
I don't like to leave my drawings just drawn, I like color. lol I have the cheap colored pencils too that I color with. so hearing that makes me feel good. Also I just go a few shades darker to get the right shading color. If you practice you can do it too!
Amazing picture. you could be an anime or manga artist
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Thank you so much! 馃槉
@alliepetey @earthly @Arellano1052 I finally started it for those recommending that I watch it and I have to say that I am enjoying it alot!
love it. looks great 10/10
Thanks alot!
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