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Decided to stop being lazy and achually post my art xD I finally got my new sketch book and my first page bae gose to NATSU DRAGNEEL! :3 its only a WIP which i should be able to finish by tomorrow (i cant finish it today unfortunatly )
My past Gray from my old book and now my new Natsu! :D id like to think ive imporved atlesst a little scince then.
(my graphic design self speaking) OMG I LOVE IT! the colors flow in perfectly!!! you did a fantastic job of sketching and coloring in the colors perfectly. Nice Job!
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@NicoNicoNii haha people apreciate all kinds of good art so you could still post it no problem :)
@Sara3 sure i dont mind at all... just credit me with my instagram handle which is gigi_cav :) also i finished a new drawing yesterday..ill tag you next time :)
thank u ever so much!!
@whatamooy i want to follow u on fb!well if u want.or if there is a group where u posted ur drawings.plz do inform me
well..i have an instragram but im very lazy with it :') Im trying to be more active with it or theres my snapchat where i always post things when im drawing :) @Sara3
i love it!teach me!
How do you get this glorious shading and color???????
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I'll see if I can find them
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