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So is Everyone Ready For BTS' Comeback? I know I sure am! Today, I'm going to teach you guys the Korean Lyrics to their Song "Lie" that's right, by the time the song comes out, you'll already know how to sing this part of the song.

Let's Get Started!

Caught in a Lie.

Find me Who was Innocent.

순결 했던 날 찾아줘.

Sun-gyeol hae-deon nal cha-ja-Jwo

I Cannot get out out of this Lie. 이 거짓 속에 헤어날 수 없어.

i geo-jis so-ge he-eo-nal su eob-seo

Give me back my Smile. 내 웃음을 돌려놔줘.

Nae us-eum-eul Doll-yeon-wa-Jwo.
Caught in a Lie!

Save me From this Hell! 이 지옥에서 날 꺼내줘!

i Jiog-eseo nal Kkeon-nae-Jwo.

I Can't Escape from this Pain 이 고통에서 헤어날 없어

i Go-tong-eseo He-eon-nal eob-seo.

Save me from this Night! 이 밤의 나를 구해줘

i Bam-ui na-reul Gu-hae-jwo.

I Hope This has Helped you out! BTS' Comeback is in October!!! 😆😆😆

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