The next day, I woke up to see that y/n wasn't there. I grabbed my head. "Ugh.." The medication was pretty hard on me. It made me dizzy and I felt like I was going to throw up. I opened the door and saw y/n cooking. She was wearing her huge sweater and leggings with some cute socks. why was she so adorable? Y/n turned around and looked at me. "Oppa did you wake up? I'm making you some breakfast!" I smiled and walked over to her. I grabbed her face and squished her cheeks "Oppa? Wha uh you doi" (Translation: oppa? What are you doing?") I laughed. She was the only happiness that was going on in my life. "Oppahhhh~ le go!" (Translation: Oppa let go!) I put my hands off of her and just hugged her. "What's wrong with you this morning?" She pulled me away and checked my face. "Are you okay?" "No." She tilted her head as if she was confused. "What's wrong?" "I feel like I'm gonna die from all the cuteness overload!!" She laughed covering her face with some embarrassment. "What the heck! I thought there was something actually bothering you!" "It does bother me! What if other guys try to hunt you down with their unattractive mess?" "Ugh.. Don't worry, no one is as attractive as you are oppa!" "I knew that." I made a sassy face and acted like I was flipping my hair. She laughed and smiled. Until she smelled the burning toast. "OH SHOOT!" She ran over and as she was trying to take the toast out, she burned her fingers. "AH!" I quickly went up to her. "You okay?" "Yeah.. It's okay, it's just a little burn." "You should've been careful!" she made a little pouty face at the sudden anger I expressed to her. "I'm sorry. You made me worry." "It's okay. I understand." "I'm gonna bring the first aid, so don't move and stay here." "Okay." I hurried and brought the first aid kit. She handed her fingers to me. I rubbed the medicine on her and she winced a little at the unexpected sting. After putting the bandage on, I blew on her fingers. She watched me blow and then she came close. "You're so handsome oppa~" And she kissed me on the cheek. I smiled at the sudden pleasure. I pulled the mat she was sitting on closer to me. Y/n looked up with her eyes and smiled. I grabbed her hips and pressed my lips on to her. "Y/n, what do you want to do next?" "Huh?" "For the 5 months thing." "Oh... Um... Umm... Uh... I don't really know.." "Hmm..." We thought in silence for a while... "Have you ever seen shooting stars?" "No... I would want to!!" "I saw on the internet that there was going to be a lot of those December 12th." "That's tomorrow! OMG we should pack some food, take our ten-" And she started running off talking about things we should do. y/n looked like a little girl excited to do something new. Everything about her was sweet. The way she looked in to the corner of her eyes when she tried to get some ideas, The wide eyes filled with excitement and fascination, and her little habit, where she made a little duck face if she ran out of ideas. They were all little things before But it became big things to me now. "Oppa!" I came back to my senses from zoning out. "Did you hear what I said?" "Huh? Uh, so we should take our tent?" "Yeah~ and we should take-" I smiled at her eagerness. "-don't forget th-" "Hey y/n." "Yeah?" "You're the most special thing in the world for me. All the little things you do are now the biggest things in my life now." She kissed me on my lips. "I love you too"
I love this!! it makes me sad(and it is soo cute) thank you!!😄
Aww~ thanks for liking it! ☺️