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The best part of the week is back Waifu Wednesday! And this week it's all about our Ultimate waifus! Who is your ultimate waifu that trumps all others!? If you know me, by now it should be pretty obvious who I'm going to choose!
♡♡Misaka Mikoto♡♡ She will forever be my #1♡♡♡ For me no one else compares!
Since she was my card last week and many times before that I want to put up my #2 and #3 waifus as well! I love them but not as much as Misaka!
My favorite little assassin! Akatsuki from Log Horizon! ♡♡♡
The lovely Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate! Also know as Mayushii♡♡
Forgive me in advance, but which anime is Mikoto from?
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@assasingod okay will do.
lol, knew it, Misaka.
Haha am I that obvious