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DAY 100 - Confess your love for an anime character!

I'm choosing two anime character's to confess to because I can do whatever I want. Do you like the Clannad and Anohana pictures above, did they hit you in the feels again? Because they did for me, I loved those scenes. Therefore, I had to put them above.
Also this is the last day of the anime challenge, FINALLY! XD In all seriousness it had some fun perks, I got to reminisce about all my favorite anime's, the downside was a lot of the questions were similar so that was annoying and I had to remember all of the character's I disliked or hated. What fun... But I did like this challenge, although it was really long and I think it can be shortened.


Inuyasha from Inuyasha and Mabuchi Kou from Ao Haru Ride
INUYASHA - Inuyasha I love you so much, I have loved ever since I saw you pinned against that tree with your long silver hair flowing in the air. You make me laugh when you act stupid, you have your moments that make me shy and smile. You get flustered and shy easily which I find so adorable. Inuyasha you are so caring and worry a lot. Sometimes you are quite dense and don't understand what is going on around you and I find that adorable. Your smile brightens my day and you are so handsome that I can't help but squeal when I look at you. I love you as a half-demon INUYASHA!
MABUCHI KOU - Kou do you know that you are exactly my type, your tall, handsome, smart and kind. You may seem cold on the outside but I know that you are in fact the sweetest person and have the warmest heart ever. I love that you are scared to accept friends because your scared of losing them but I'm hear to tell you that, I'm not going anywhere. I'll be right here for you to comfort and love you forever. Also, smile more. You are so good looking when you smile. Your black hair that is long enough to cover your eyes just slightly is really cute and your even cuter when you blush. PLEASE NOTICE ME SENPAI! I love you and I wish you were my boyfriend...

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or confess your love for YOUR favorite anime character in the comments!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
well this is embarrassing lol but I think I would say something like, "this is hard to say, mostly to me, but I really love u Orochimaru." lol ik I'm weird XD 馃槝
OMG Orochimaru, well to each their own lol
*contemplates *
Aw! So sad this is your last challenge card!
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Sure will!
uhhhh...... hard to choose but um... Kyoya Ootori
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