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Sorry for this being SUPER DUPER late. School has already started and homework is skyrocketing. I'm super lucky to just take a breather from stuff. So sorry about the delay!!!
“Did I do something wrong to where i shouldn’t be in your life?”
Dee had tears falling down her cheeks. Jisoo knew this was a horrible time for this. Her crying made things a thousand times worse.
Jisoo walked over to her and brought her into a hug.
“No you didn’t do anything wrong. I just want to keep you safe. Aunt Jia has been playing a mom role for the members to be fooled. They have no idea of what happened”
Dee felt her world crumble. She gripped tight onto her brothers shirt and cried more than ever. They both hadn’t realised that they needed each other that much until now. Dee needed her brother for strength while Jisoo needed his sister for sanity. She was technically his only family.
“Why haven’t you told them?” She asked after she had calmed down and was sat on the couch next to her brother.
“I just don’t want pity, I don’t know how to explain either” Jisoo said as he looked at the tv in front of them.
“But aren’t you guys like family? From what aunt says, you should be” Dee said. She let her hands fiddle around.
“We are but I can’t bring myself to say it” Jisoo said “You know how hard it is Dee. I-I just can’t bring it up. Everyone had an amazing life but then you look into mine and not everything is a walk in the park” Jisoo hung his head low and teared up.
“I understand, but you need to tell them. You guys are a family. Do you need me there?” Jisoo nodded at the question. “Can I stay here? I can’t face my members after them finding out that I lied to them for years”
Dee sighed but nodded at Jisoo. She looked at her brother and sighed. He was her pillar for sure.
“Just stay on the couch old man” Jisoo looked at her with mouth gaped open. Dee got up and walked over to the bed and laid on it.
“Old man?! Me?! A OLD MAN?!?! If anything your the old one!” Jisoo said as he laid on the couch. He put the couch cushion under his head and closed his eyes.
Dee got up and grabbed her clothes to take a long, nice shower. She let herself relax as the warm water drizzled onto her.
After an hour she finally left the bathroom with her nightclothes on, which was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Dee felt the coldness from the AC as soon as she stepped out. Dee put the towel on the floor and grabbed a blanket to put over her brother.
He will have so much to tell tomorrow, or whenever he wants. Dee smiled gently and got into her own bed and let herself drift off into her own neverland.
“Dee~ Dee~ Wake up~” Jisoo shook the bed that Dee was laying on. Dee let out a grunt and turned in her bed while pulling the covers over her head. She cuddled into the blanket, letting the warmth cover her body.
“Fine i guess I have to do this” Jisoo says and pulls the cover off of the bed, dragging Dee down with them.
“Ahh” Dee moaned as she turned into a ball and held her head. She got up slowly and looked at Jisoo through her hair. “Do you want to die?” She muttered then walked away to the bathroom with a pair of clothes.
Jisoo smiled and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. He sighed when he realized that all Dee had was bread. He grabbed four pieces of bread and put them in the toaster.
Dee left the bathroom with her hair tied up in a bun and a towel around her shoulders.
Jisoo got the toast and gave two to Dee and left the other two for himself.
“You do know you will have to come with me?” Jisoo asked. Dee took a bite out of her toast and nodded.
“Why do you think I showered?” Jisoo looked at his sister weirdly.
“So you don’t stink like a skunk? How am I supposed to know the answer” Jisoo answered her. Dee rolled her eyes and finished her toast.
“So when do you guys have practice? Don’t you guys have it today?”
“Nope not today. We get a short break every now and then” Jisoo leaned onto the table and sighed. “How was it back at home?”
“It’s just like normal. People don’t know me, I know them. Teachers wanted me to talk more, I didn’t. Your friends asking me where you are.” Dee said with a sigh “Auntie is getting too old, she has bags under her eyes. She took care of us for how many years and yet we can’t take care of her. It makes me so sad”
“Well she chose to take us in, she knew what she was in for. But in a way we do take care of her Dee. You just don’t realise it” “Jisoo said. Dee nodded and looked down.
“When do you want to see your members?” Changing the topic was the only thing in Dees’ mind.
“I was thinking after we finish breakfast” Jisoo answered. Dee nodded and walked to the door and grabbed a coat.
“Might as well get it on since you are almost done” Jisoo nodded and took the last bite of his toast and ran to the door to get his shoes on.
They both walked out of the door and started to head to the seventeen dorm.
“Jisoo do you have your phone?” Dee asked suddenly. Jisoo shook his head.
“I left it in the dorm yesterday, why? Do you have yours?” Dee nodded and held up her phone.
Jisoo walked faster to the dorm, Dee got faster to keep up. In the end the two siblings were running to the dorm not caring that people on the sidewalks were giving them looks.
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