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That is soooooooo true. I have always just been that loser that is just kinda there in the background. Would be nice to know that someone out there wants to know me for me. But I'm the leader of the alone forever club so I'm jay won't ever happen
idk if im a loner cause in partys no one approeches me... im the one that goes to the groups and dosent say a word or in school if i dont keep talking or just say random bullshit they will leave and talk to other people and im left alone
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yeah true i rather be with people that actually want to talk to me not faking it
I've always been a loner , I believe it's better that way .
So I know that won't ever happen. Dang it phone
@rexamisprime dont worrie you have a new member to that club.....cheer up and keep that smile up✌
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