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Obviously Rain is a huge name in the Kpop world, but one of his most influential songs was Rainism.

Similar to so many pop songs of the 90s in America, this is a song that nearly all young Koreans (teens to 30s) know!


Song starts at 1:20
This opening is probably one of the most famous openings in a Kpop song. If you were alive in Korea in the early 2000s, chances are you know this choreography. Seriously, its like how Americans subconsciously can dance to Thriller.

GOT7 performs Rainism and other Rain songs in a tribute to their sunbae!

((Rainism starts at 2:44))

Jay Park does his own style of choreo :)

Dancing starts at 1:00!

IU covering Rainism's dance and choreo!

About Rain

Originally, Rain couldn't get hired by any entertainment agencies because he "didn't have double eyelids." He was told if he got plastic surgery he would be a star instantly because of his talents, but her refused.
Eventually, JYP hired him after JYP himself loved his drive and passion. After his debut he began to see lots of success. Rain was actually named one of the world's top influential people in Time Magazine back in 2006.
He later moved into acting and has seen a lot of success there.
He left the army in 2013 and is now under a subgroup of Cube. He also started J.Tune, the company behind MBLAQ!

Let me know if you'd like me to do more Kpop history lessons!

Have anybof you seen his American movie Ninja Assassin?
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Yes! i have it on dvd!! its beautiful
hey do yall remember when Kim young I think that's her name she was short and round comedian (has since lost weight) did a parody and was eating food omg so hilarious
I freaking miss him. his sexy self and music and videos... love me! I'd like to rub my face against his pack lols.. I'm weird
The first song I heard from Rain was 30Sexy (still sounds like he says dirty sexy). I thought that song was so great, the choreography blew me way. I still listen to it. Rainism was the second song I heard, I became a fan after that. I had watched him in Ninja Assassin when it came out, thought he was hot but I never really followed him as an actor. I was very surprised to learn he was the same guy.
😍😍 I remember when I frist saw rain 😊 It's back in 2008 in his first American film Speed Racer πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Who knew 5 years later I would find him to be a very well known Singer of the music that gave my life meaning and purpose 😍😚😚😊😊😊
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