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I started another semester at uni and met a friend who just so happened to be South Korean. Now, internally, I was fangirling ("finally someone irl to help me learn Korean!") but I kept it together because I didn't want to scare him off.
We've been friends for a couple of weeks now (bless my knack for finding people who click~~) and he offered me the apple version of this candy. Thrilled at the sight of food, I read out the label without thinking and he was a bittt shocked.
"Wait, you can read Korean?" "Are you Korean?" "But how... why?!" are some of the questions he asked me. I clarified that I could read Hangeul but not understand it, yet I could tell he was still impressed. He asked for my number the next class period~ xD
When I told him that I spent a week of my winter break learning the alphabet for fun: "so that's what kind of person you are..." My friend calls me creepy for wanting to understand Korean so badly even though she's kinda doing the same thing with Japanese, but I don't mind. Him approving of my efforts seriously made my day (: - story time end - I hope to be good enough someday to read tweets without Bing and maybe translate some webtoons :3
@EverieMisfit @taetaebaozi thank you, guys! ^^
your welcome~
awwwww thats soooo cuteee~ i truly belive that if you believe and try hard enough you will be able to learn it keep it up~ hwaitting~!
OMO! You're soo lucky!!!! I have yet to come across a Korean who actually claims to speak Korean and connects with me.... However I was in Spanish class and one of the Koreans I knew pulled out a snack that had Korean on it. I mindlessly read it out loud and he was impressed. But nothing happened after that... We aren't really friends. Just know each other from elementary school.
I'm rooting for you!! maybe he'll change his mind (:
sure thing~
that's so awesome! I had the almost the same experience with a new korean friend... Lol he asked me to speak some Afrikaans (a south African language for those who don't know*^^) and after I asked for some korean ㅋㅋㅋ I couldn't help it... so he introduced himself and I surprised him (along with myself) when I understood everything age,hometown,student and all😱... now we're really good friends! 😆😆😆
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hehe thank you^^~
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