So I was just randomly was browsing through the KyungJeong hashtag on Tumblr, and just so happened to land upon this very well done video.
This YT channel, Thaumic Tinkerbell, made a short video of the different reasons to stan History. They go from discography to choreography. As they have become more noticed this year, I think that this video explains pretty well this wonderfully talented, handsome, and mature men need more love. Please check it out and share~
And a lil bonus: She also did a Might Just Die Parody and it's quite funny if you're up for a couple laughs.
loved it! thanks for sharing it ❤
I came across the parody one before and it is hilarious! Storias need to check it out.
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Right. I got seconds in before I was tearing up in laughter. "Yijeong judges you" :D