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Here are 5 of my favorite songs about foooooooooood :3

Honestly, these songs make me hungry.

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake

You can't deny the deliciousness of this track! Not only are they singing about the sweet taste of ice cream cake, they're also chowing down on perfect looking ice cream cones and shakes!

Big Byung - Ojingeo Doenjang

The word squid (ojingeo) is a slang term referring to individuals who don’t look as attractive when they are next to a more attractive person. Proudly, the boys declare they have no shame in being squids. Doenjang (soy bean paste) is used in the slang word “doenjang woman” which can be translated to meaning a high maintenance woman.

IU - Peach

This is such a calming song and is about sweet innocent love. Sweet as a peach!

Orange Caramel - Abing Abing

A song all about my favorite dessert ever: BINGSU! It's a Korean summer treat that is just shaved ice with tons of toppings and sweet condensed milk :3 So yummy!

Milk Tea - Ramen King

This song is literally just about making ramen with someone you like. But it really goes through the steps like "boil the water, add the noodles, put in the seasoning" hahahha its really specific :)

I'm sure I forgot something so please let me know other yummy songs in the comments!

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fiesta-apple pie! but yummy collection lol
a year ago·Reply
omg going to listen to that right now
a year ago
a year ago·Reply
Strawberry by is good, and so is Marshmallow by IU
a year ago·Reply
Why are there so many songs about food!?!?! 😂😂😂😂
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