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I just.... My heart is so.....I just love him....someone help me I didn't mean to fall in love with this boy....but he's just....I * takes deep breath* I need to remember how to breathe.
mystic messenger
what app is this??
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Thank youu
@RoyalAlpaca SAME!! No shame too! Its an amazing game!! Every time i see the the "M" in my notifications i immediately just have to check to see if its a chatroom! It has jacked up my sleeping schedule XD
duuuude same! I always have chats at like midnight, 1 in the morning, 3, 5, and six or seven like always around there! it's just like children do you ever sleep!?
@CandyApple22 I just I can't! Like omg each time I get a notification with a new chatroom open my heart legit flutters....omg I am such a sad person xD
I know the feeling! That game should've came with a warning and instructions on what to do when your heart was about to explode! Deep breaths, deep breaths!!!