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Megurine Luka- Vocaloids 2014
Natsu- Fairytail 2014
Me if I was an anime character 2014
Jirachi human form- Pokémon 2014
Absol human form -Pokémon 2014
Medina- Legend of Zelda: twilight princess 2015
Sylveon human form- Pokémon 2015
Edward, Alfred, Winry- Full Metal Alchemist: The BrotherHood 2015
Gender Bent Zoro- One Piece 2016
God of Calamity and her weapon- Noragami 2016 sorry I can't remember their names it's been awhile. Everything else I've done I've already posted, I hope you like them ^^ I'll add more when I do some more hope you like them ^^
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these are awesome xD
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@HunnaBallue no problem xD